Thursday, July 30, 2009

what do we have here

So im going to start with the quote of the day, just heard it, haven't had one for a while.

"Hey Rebecca, is that a girls helmet?"
Tyler Allison to Beaumont sounding very worried

"No, I don't think so"(in a quebec accent)

"Thats good cause i used to have the same one"
Tyler, sounding very relieved.

I found it a lot funnier when i heard it.

So i awoke today feeling the best ive felt in a while. After being awoken last night by two guys breaking into the motel. Actually it was Matt and Kevin, i was so tired, I know Kevin was talking to me but i can't remember what he said.

We had a crazy storm roll through the area last night, word is the cycling center was hit last night by lightning or very close to it.

I got to the course and got to talk to Jonathan from out west, then headed out for a nice easy lap of the course to dial in some lines. It was a little wet but not to bad. I spent a long time going over stuff. More so than i think i ever have the past few years. When your racing o-cups and canada cups, everyones racing there own lines and such, but when your racing wheel to wheel you really pick up on sections that you are riding faster than others on. So i spent a ton of time re riding different lines and such, i guess there is always room for improvement and i think i forget that sometimes. I also got to ride it with some of the national team junior girls, and Kylie was with them, it was nice to help them a bit too. And with the creepy mustache gone suddenly they aren't afraid of me.

So maybe its good to slow down every once in a while, too bad i needed to get sick to actually do that.

The weather for the rest of the week looks good. So maybe we will have a mtb race on sunday, as opposed to an adventure style, who can survive it kind of race.

I never really tested the legs but they felt good riding up the hill to the course.

Im looking forward to the challenge coming up, trying to pull out a good race just coming off a cold. Racing from behind for sure. The code word is "buttercup" if you here someone saying "buttercup" please leave some room.

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Matt Spak said...

You should lead the pack now that the moustache is gone. Less drag means you won't have to draft as much.