Wednesday, July 15, 2009


its wednesday post ride, and im procrastinating some landscaping duties i have been assigned so i thought i write up a little post.

Last night was very enjoyable as many of the tuesday nighters have been this year. Good thing about crappy weather is it keeps the group small and managable. We came in pretty hot again, and i again was on Orrins wheel somehow. I was expecting a slow ramp up to a full leadout, but Orrin accelerated crazy fast, he probably has the fastest acceleration out of anyone in town, it doesn't come out to often but when it does its impressive. I lost his wheel and big Jamie got on it. I had a good gap to close but once i got some momentum up i was all good and went past. Im thinking Mark Cavendish should watch out.

Today i headed out for a long ride with little Jamie, yes an actual person, i know it was weird to me to, i think i was still talking to myself a little. Solid ride, went by fast, kinda hit the wall Jamie took me in the "sprint" stopped for coffee and a Brownie, then stopped at the Lance store for a bit, then stopped at Bikeland for a bit, ran into the Exprezzo rep from Quebec randomly, then made it home, about 2 hours after the ride actually ended. Hey you know what they say about chamy time.

it would appear my saturday pre-ride plans may need some adjustment, understandable given the rough year the mtb courses have had this year. So possibly head up Tommorow or Friday,

Starbuck is in rough shape after a weekend on manitoulin, she has a nice gash and shes limping pretty good, won't go up the stairs, i think we need to put her in a bubble, that dog is just full boar all the time.

I think Spak is trying to lead me to a mental breakdown. I may need to go to Midland and steal a "gnome"

watched Knowing, it really sucked brutally bad last 1/3 of the movie.

.....what else.....i think that may be it.

"Which way are you heading"
women gardening

"that way"
pointing north

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Matt Spak said...

I think that it was one of my best and most creative posts yet. HMMM Maybe I will have to step it up one or two more notches.