Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So remember when i said the amount of blogging content is directly related to mood and results, well yeah, so here it is

I started st anne in a good spot actually right beside Zandstra, who has multiple times more world cup and uci points than me, not sure what was up with that.Also heard on the start line lance held onto his third, damn. Felt good in the start, kinda crazy riding down a sketchy downhill three wide. Huge bottle neck, found myself surronded by the cast of off road to athens, felt like asking for an autograph. Got chirped by adam craig for not using my clipless pedals. felt like chirping back but i had nothing.

Started to move up a bit, but my legs were already screaming at me. Came to the rocky downhill, saw everyone take the bypass, felt i should two foot it down the rocks, made up some places. After words i regretted not riding it, i have already signed up for kabushs learn to ride clinic.

legs started to go downhill from that. My head was in it, i was riding decently, but my legs were giving me no joy.

last person on the 5th lap to get pulled, almost got lapped by superman(absalon)But i held him off.

Had no idea what happened, tried to keep a smile on my face, but really i was kinda grumpy.

got packed up and headed to bromont, got into bed late woke up, stuffy, flemmy, a little hot. yup mystery solved, i was a few hours from feeling the effects of my annual summer cold, actually almost to the day last year. So awesome, sick again second year in a row for the world cups.

Too bad I just got set up with a crazy, light stiff, fast carbon high modulous hardtail frame, thing is sick, in a good way.

now just sleeping a lot, killing the juice, Zach would be envious,

oh and see below for the shaving of the mustache,

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