Monday, July 20, 2009

put to rest

So there is lots of speculation and here say going on. About the 24 hour Hot August nights. So this is the deal, the first plan was to ride with Norco on a 10 person corporate team. But to race it with the monday night something crew on a 10 person expert team. Saving my hot laps for that.

Well some things have gotten shuffled around and Norco is now putting in a 10 person expert team (though it will be 7 people i think) to compete with the Monday night Something crew. So for obvious reasons i will be racing it with the Norco squad. Should be some super tight racing. Wind of this has made the rounds and i've heard of another team scambling to locate some ringers for a 10 person expert team.

This might turn into a three way battle royale, for the jersey.

I look forward to it, but the same thing applies to the Norco squad first or last, im not getting 2nd again.

I believe the teams are stacking up as such

Monday nighters

Brendan Matheson
Jacob McClelland
Tristan Spurr
Matt Spak
Colin Scott
Scott Irwin
Lee Symmes
Ben Dawson

Stu Alp
Zach Hughes
Matt Paziuk
Shane Hollingshead
Sue Trimble-haviland??
Andrew Watson
Glassford?? oh that would be killer.

Should be interesting........

oh and Happy 40th anniversary of Neil and Buzz kicking it on the moon.

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

i could fit in a few laps on saturday early in race for sure and would be glad to prevent you from having to drink excessively to make yourselves last ... do i have to wear a horse blanket > >???