Thursday, July 2, 2009

pushing invisible watts

Yesterday i spent some time getting prganized booking some accomodation, that kinda thing, i cleaned out my car vacummed it, got it all nice for Zach and I just to get it all dirty again the next week in muddy quebec.

I got out for a short punchy mtb ride in the bluffs. The singletrack that was put in is being ridden in nicely, there are still a couple turns and tight sections, but otherwise they are becoming fun trails to ride.

Last night i needed some Will Smith being happy so i watched Hancock, just keeps getting better and better, i don't understand why people say it sucks, did they even watch it.

This morning, i finished up all the laundry and organizing for the trip. Heading to Bromont in the morning, then onto felicien which is deep into quebec on Monday, where im staying a couple doors down from team manitoba. Then Kevin and the rest of the Norco contingent arrives thursday.

And here is a photo of some of the local wildlife taken in the school yard, i named then Rommel and Erwin.

Tonight, i headed out to Oro for the long course TT. Its a 35 km loop of some nice rolling stuff. Definetly not flat. I was a little physched out, i wasn't sure how i would feel, and really didn't want to kill myself tonight. I even had a shortcut planned if i wasn't feeling it i would turn back at the 9th. I gave my head a shake and told myself i would feel good. Sticking with my "if your not first your last" TT strategy this year. The weather was still pretty damp so i opted to leave the powertap off for the 5th straight day. 7 souls came out to battle it out, i think everyone was pure eddy style, i may have seen one set of aero bars. I gave my three bucks and lined up at the tail end, Since the defending long course champ is away in Beauce. I was a minute behind Robb(is your name really spealt like that?) and 2 behind Don, i finished a few seconds off Don on this course last year so i was seaking some revenge. Three minutes back from "Jim". So i hadsome strong targets to keep some time checks on.

I felt good right from the start, i got slowed up a bit at the first stop sign but was back into a nice rythem in no time. With no powertap, i was left only to my own devices to pace myself. I focused on having a good pedal stroke and getting into the old dura ace 7800 cable grab aero position. I started to put time into Robb right away, by the 5th it was down to 50 seconds. By the end of the 4th it was about 15. There is some altitude gain here so it does suit me a little more. Down the hill to hardwood the gap stayed the same. I made some time up on the next climb and could see lots of riders ahead, we went past the 7th and up the hill to the 8th. I looked up and i could see all 6 riders infront of me. I went past "jim" first, but before i past him i did a quick shoulder check to see if there were any pesky cars behind me. There was van right there, so i keep it tight and rode up behind jamie, i told myself it was making up for the slowdown at the first stopsign.

I continued on passing Robb and others, by the the 9th i was past everyone, I kept on pushing, the downhills were a little hard to do that on, i was spun out my 52/11, or at least i wasn't able to keep the power down at 110 rpm would be more accurate. I turned down the 14th and punched those climbs which hurt a lot. Turn back on 15/16, punched that climb that hurt, then finished on the return leg of the out and back we do normally. It hurt a lot too. I finished up in 52:03 for a speed of 40.3 kph. im pretty happy with that, 4 min 8 seconds faster than last year. Not having power i think helped, next time out im going to tape over the display. The data would be nice to look at after. But for those interested and in the spirit of sharing i bet i pushed between 300-400 watts.

In my cooldown i was snacking on a bar and i hit my gag reflex and hurled my spinach salad and chicken on the newly paved 8th line. Awesome, i knew i killed it at that moment.

k, i was just told i wasn't clear in a post canmore interview, when i said Kabush and Zandstra will be battling it out at nationals, i meant to say they will be battling it out for 2nd. I apologize for any misunderstandng.

internet is sketchy in the nation of quebec so if you need updates be sure to check my tweets.

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