Thursday, July 16, 2009

new record

a post every day for the past few days, crazy. After yesterdays trounsing by Jamie i opted to take it easy today and leave the legs alone.

I headed out on the flattest route possible, just spinning and keeping the rpm high. By the end of the ride i didn't feel half bad. in the spirit of full disclosure (pete) i pushed an astounding 112 watts, 22.5 km/hr, avg hr was 103 beats.

while im on that topic, it would appear that no longer exists. which is too bad it was a good site.

got home conversed with Zach a bit about pre-riding buckwallow tommorow, but hes not getting there till later. and he may or may not be riding with his National Champion friend. So its looking like a noonish ride, really i don't know why as they will most likely alter the course a bunch with the rains. But Havy will give me a hard time if I don't pre ride.

Chilled out, may or may not have had a brewed beverage.

read roddi's blog St. Felicien is just an evil evil place. Except for the course its awesome. But everything else.....

Starbuck had to get a little bit of her hair shaved off cause she has a hole in her side, from what we don't know, and its infected. The Vet, who is usually pretty serious, was even making jokes about how often shes in there. I asked if they took trade in's on newer dogs, she said no. I then asked if there was some sort of Bubble that we could put Starbuck in. She said maybe.

I also have to congratulate Kylie on being asked to take part with the national team as an assitant coach for the canadian world cups, shes still figuring out all the details but its looking like she'll be there. Which is good, hopefully she can keep me calm again.

"hi how are you"

Grumpy sobeys checkout girl, like really she is always pissed.

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