Sunday, July 19, 2009

mathematical equations

so its post race just got home. Good stories to tell.

I got up had some steal cuts, with molasses, watched some of the tour my man ryder was killing it in the break, and by "my man" i mean i said hi once at worlds and he grunted something back.

i had to leave before the stage finish but i was told the outcome of which i am pleased and i think the mustache is sticking around.

Got to the race, had to park in the overflow lot even though tons of people were leaving the lot that was closer. So i opted to ride to the tent. My helmet was packed so i rolled in without. I got a good grilling and rightly so. I used the no one else wheres theres strolling around, i was informed i need to keep myself to higher standards. Kids where your helmet. And it should be a Lazer helmet.

Matt P informed me of his plans not to race. I was bummed we need to talk about this.

Got warmed up, saw the cutest puppy ever, i think it was Cayleys boyfriends dog, doesn't matter whose it was it was cute. Molly and Spak stopped by and said hi, i leaned over to pet molly and say hi, she returned by sticking her tongue in my mouth, im not kidding it was gross. like really gross.

Got lined up, beside Pete. Good start, feeling comfortable just rolling through. You'd think i'd learned my lesson by now, if your 3rd your actually 10th. Just before the first singletrack i got engulfed by riders. Like people literally came out of the trees into the section. Zach came by which was cool i wanted to stick on his wheel. Just before the turn in, Zach Winn...picture zach winn as Tony stewert and myself as Kyle Busch and thats about it. I thought i was getting spun out. Rolled in not too too worried some good riders infront who won't let any gaps go.

Sure enough the first rock that you can possbilly hit Juiceboy hits and stops dead in the middle of the trail. I yelled nice Zach, to which zach winn almost lost it on me, i told him i wasn't talking to him. He sad ok. So the leaders are out of sight now, and im just pounding through stuff.

I was riding behind LJ, for a bit which was good as i picked up some good lines, some i didn't ride as they were off the trail, and just plan nuts. I picked off a few riders and lapped through in a little bit of a chase group. The pace wasn't crazy high so i went to the front and picked it up partway through the second lap. I thought i would get a gap but i didn't everyone just rode behind. We came to an open section where i stopped pedalling to take a drink and let some others come by. Pete came up beside but didnt' come through. The bitter person in me came out and i said fine, if no one wants to race we'll just ride. I rolled through really slow, like almost falling over cause i didn't know what the slow lines were. Another open spot, again nobody.

Lapped through grabbed my 3rd bottle and killed it. For 3/4 of the 3rd lap i was drilling it as hard as i could. Pete closed it down by the end. But this time it was only him.

Just before the lap, Pete came by and did something i have never seen before he attacked like crazy hard, like out of the saddle zach attack. I knew i didn't want to kill it that hard and wanted to save a little something for next weekend. I got on it though and rode behind just to get a gap on the others. now if your kids are reading this send them away. As we came up to the first single track section. Pete went wide and slowed down, i didn't know what he was doing so i slowed down too, as i didn't really want to go ahead. He said go ahead and i said no you go, by this time we were both pretty much stopped. With my front brake on i reached over with my right hand and tried to push him into the singletrack, he pulled both brakes and i couldn't push against that. Then he got nasty and yelled at me that we were working together and that he would pull on the doubletrack and i would "use my skills" and lead through the singletrack. I was not aware of this. apparently i didn't get the memo.

After a few seconds of being stopped i took the lead and did my best to keep the pace high. Pete was pretty keen on catching the two infront, i lead for the next while Pete came by me, and got a bit of a gap going around some lapped riders. It wasn't much but i wasn't feeling it. I wished him luck and backed off, 10-15%, now this is where the mathematics comes in at buckwallow. Cause i know pete is reading this and saying wtf. But the funny thing with Buckwallow is how much effort it takes to go "fast" When your riding it fast there are no good lines, its just plain old pounding through the forrest like a bear. It doesn't look smooth and it doesn't feel smooth. I backed off a bit, not a lot, but i was still riding just a few seconds slower per section than Pete. But thats what it takes to race "fast" there. For the last lap i could still see Pete, but here we go again to get up to him would have taken 15% more effort to actually go 1% faster. Its a tough place to race at for sure.

Another mathematical system i worked out was how many roots it takes in a row to hit before you slow down on a hardtail. I am working on a formula right now, but basically you can only suck up so many roots and rocks in a row before you start to loose momentum. As Pete will atest too he almost ran me over a couple times on his Dually.

In the end i crossed the line 4th, not to shabby, i feel super tough for doing it on a hardtail, Like i was struting around pretty good after the race for that. Me and Peter had our day, he bettered me when all things were equal, no flats no nothing just good old racing he had more legs and more grit today. I am anxious to read his version of the pushing story. Should be up tommorow

now im home, need to stay up to watch the tour finish,


Matt Spak said...

Will Miss Case be jealous of your other girlfriend??? Molly has gone from licking your bottle to full on flirting. Sorry dude

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

excellent report mine shall be posted soon