Monday, July 13, 2009

ill take it

So im back home, it was a long drive yesterday 12 hours on the road. I had Juiceboy with me for most of it, and i made sure he stayed awake. Thank you power windows.

The week was good, got some good laps in on the course, it was a really fun course to ride. I spent some time with Kylie which was nice. The weather was good, food was so so.

Thursday the team rolled in and got setup.

Friday, final prep on the course which included a race pace lap that saw me start and stop the lap 3 times, but i somehow got the time bang on with my race laps 20:30.

Saturday morning i stuffed in the calories, thanks to Stu, steal cuts like no one else.

(im trying to do a glassford style post if you haven't noticed) (but don't worry im not going to swear)

I got warmed up on the trainer, as the rain seemed to be starting. I was actually nervous for this race, maybe something to do with Dan Proulx pep talk, which was weird i can't remeber the last time i was nervous. Luckily i had Kylie there to keep me calm, as i don't know if Havy knew how to handle it.

All the "A" riders were there Max, Kabush, McGrath, and Zandstar. (i'm an "A-" rider)

rolled to the start line, i was super pissed as peter had "007" and i was "004" i knew i had to stick it to him, there was no plan for this one.

Got started, led the start loop, Kylie had to leave after a lap so i had to put on a show for her. Got gobbled up by the guys and hung on in 5th for a lap. Shamus was letting gaps go and would chase them down, i could only do that a couple times. Hindshight should have ridden behind Geoff super steady.

I felt good, but my legs had that little bit of fatigue in them, just enough so i could respond to pace changes. I maintained a high pace for the race never letting the lead 4 out of my sight.

Rode up to them on the 4th lap, just as i got there Max uped it, damn, maybe he sensed something.

Fell off and rode my own pace, McGrath fell of too on the last lap, tried to catch him, we basically rode the same pace, and i finished 12 seconds back.

I'm pretty happy with that.

I could here the announcer in french yelling something, i lost sight of the lead trio, so i was hoping Zandstra had gotten away, he was definently strong and he controlled that race. I actaully thought to myself that if he won i was going to hug him. And i don't hug dudes.

Turns out the k-Bomb launched a solid attack on the last half lap and only Max could go with it. With Zandstra finishing up third.

full race here i need to tighten up my glasses i kept having to push them up my nose.

Pre race interview notice glassford keeping it real

Post race interview

The rest of the team had mixed races, Catherine flatted first lap, and then shredded her rear mech on a rock. Caroline had a solid race finishing 6th.

The guys did well, Stu just coming back from a injury kept it trucking for the whole race. Matt P, rode it right till they told him to stop, i like to think my pep talk helped. Shane was 22nd,

Zach had a great race, not sure if he knows that or not, he finished 6th in the u23 race, and every guy infront of him moves up next year......interesting.

Team Ontario did well, With Laura Bietola winning the Juinor womens race after her third at road nats. Cayley Brooks was third, Oldcorn 5th, they are all first year juniors so next year should be good to watch.

Junior men was another tight race, fellow barrieonite Mitch was third in a hard fought battle.

Varga third in cadet...

Emily and Fudge 1-2 in the u23 womens race.

you get the idea all

Need to thank Kevin Haviland and Norco performance bikes first and foremost, they gave me a shot this year and i was glad i could have a solid canada cup season and Nationals for them.

Kylie, for always knowing what to say to me and when to say it.

and all the others for doing little things that add up huge for an athlete. Im not sure if i thank those people enough, folks like the Vipond family always positive and willing to carry wheels around, the Douglas/3 Rox clan who manage to keep there team feeling like a family and they always seem to have a camping chair ready.

My teammates for keeping things light off the bike.....i could go on but i don't want to get all sappy.

It feels like the first half of the season is over, and the second half is starting.

"Im nervous"

"Thats normal when your on the verge of greatness"
Matt not helping with the nervousness

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