Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 3 my revenge

So today was the last race in the short, 6 race canada cup series. I got a good amount of sleep, everything was ready to go so i didn't really feel the need to remove myself from the realy comfortable bed.

After some good eats, and hotel lobby coffee, i was headed up to the course for the 12 o clock start.

k ill have to leave you there, i was 2nd, full report later.

k im back, had to pick up juiceboy's friend,

k back to the race, i arrived, kyle double checked my bike and gave it a second coat of "R U Kidding" basically the best lube ever created, i can disclose any more details.

got warmed up and headed to the start line, the start was delayed a little bit. But we were soon off for 5 laps. I felt a need to redeem myself for my poor showing here last time it was muddy at the world cup. The start was a handful with lots of running, but everybody was pretty polite and patient cause everyone was fracking up and dabbing.

I settled into my own little world, Jacob came by me to prove that his tire choice wasn't half bad, i was impressed. I passed him just before the dowhill jump berm section. I was sitting in around 10 ish. I focused on riding the singletrack clean.

starting my 2nd lap, the course was taking its toll, on peoples tires as i passed Zandstra, Jette, benoit, and Trudel all off to the side of the trail.

i went by widmer and sessford, and made my way to the hadley chase group. It didn't take to long to move through and before i knew it i was in 2nd. Behind gagneWith two laps to go. I kept the pace up, and the singletrack as smooth as possible. The conditions were bad but not as bad as the world cup, so i was pretty comfortable and relaxed in it.

i finished up and got cleaned up for the podium which was supposed to be asap, 2 hours later, i got my hardware. And headed back to spend the next couple hours cleaning even more stuff.

Dinner at Pizza Hut, which was actually half decent i had a good pasta dish there that would rival any italien eatery.

now just hanging out.

Heading to felicien in the morning, and i really am not holding out hope for internet there, so it will most likely be down to twitter updates.

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Matt Spak said...

Hey that's not right. Don't stop typing now!!! Congrats