Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 2, what goes around really goes around

So, i thought i was all lucky that i missed the 24 hour 12 hour at albion,

well it catches up with everyone, sure enough its raining here in Bromont, and it has for the past few days, and it will tommorow. Zach asked me how many times ive raced here without mud, i said last year was the first. So it was the odd year out.

The old course on the other side of mountain seemed to take the rain a lot better though. The new side just doesn't absorb it, let it run off i don't know im not a drainage expert. they have done a tremendous amount of work since the world cup last year. But it still needs loads of work to get on par with fort william. We all have to do it, so we'll just do it im not saying its only bad for me. But there is a fine line between being challening in the rain, and just being luck of the draw if you hit a big fracking rock in the middle of a puddle. Or weather its just a small puddle or if its a hub deep hole.

The layout of the new course is good, the climbing is way better, but if it rains like this for the world cup i think they'll get another failing grade. Like i said before we all have to do it, and it will be a challenge, my legs feel good, i definetly love the hardtail here, there is basically nowhere on the course that dually would help with the max speed about 10kph. Im thinking i may devise a plan for no bottle cage so i can shoulder the bike.


Kevin Haviland

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