Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 1

We arrived, a little sleepy, i got a couple winks of sleep on the drive but that freaked zach out a bit so i did my best to stay awake.

Got registered,

Got checked into the palace, had a powernap, went for a huge ride up the hill to watch the 4x qualifying where our Teamate Hans stomped everyone it was pretty insane how fast and smooth he was. When we hit the first hill riding up i had to immediatly put it in the granny, i was a hurting unit, i almost turned around.

Got back got cleaned up and walked down to the golden retriver restaurant. Had a wicked pizza served by a quebec girl who spoke the best english i have ever heard. Cam the jet walked in with his brother but they were to cool to come over and say hi.

Went grocery shopping for breakfast materials and snacks, now im here and i think im hitting the hay pretty soon.

Have to say a big congrats to Marian from Manitoba for winning masters nationals today. I had some money running on Dave Viney, but in a way im happy. Kylie may have trouble collecting since there technically was no handshake.

so stoked

"the orange juice is to boost my vitamin c, the other tropical juice is for pure enjoyment"

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