Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad Bad Vibes

So its friday, the weather looks like it will be nice this weekend for the race. I changed the pre-ride plans to ride tommorow. possibly with Juiceboy a little Norco Team pre-ride super secret course training.

This morning i read Matts blog, to hear that Jeremy had taken a little tumble. I thought at first they were just being cautious and he'd be all good soon. Sure enough it turns out he broke his knee cap in half, or thats what it looks like on the x-ray, i actually almost started to cry. Jeremy and his wife had been planning on doing transrockies this year. I gave them a call, Jeremy sounded OK, not great, but he said it didn't really hurt that bad.

This is less than a week after a (girl) friend of a friend broke her wrist pre-riding buckwallow, and they even saw someone else get hurt there. So im getting some funky feelings about sunday. When i called the shop Colin reminded me its only and o-cup and i have bigger fish to fry next weekend, it helped to hear that.

Kylie and I sending our love down the well. And by well i mean to Melrose place, and by love i mean "like" to Jeremy to get better soon. We need someone to coordinate the monday night rides.

I got out for some short intervals on the road today to keep the legs going. Felt good. nice weather.

Looks like the BCC TT's may be done soon. Mike and Judy do an amazing job at them but with the low turnouts (4 last night) no one can keep asking them to do them.

oh so i watched Terminator Salvation last night. Awesome, loved it best movie i have seen in a long long time. I had heard mixed reviews that it strayed from the orginal timeline, but that was part of the plot to stray from that. I got the same vibe i got from T2, maybe not as good as that, but still a thousand times better than T3. Arnold even makes an appearance kinda. It got back to the age old, bladerunner/bsg question of what makes a human a human. Sam Worthington was great, actually stole the screen a little from batman in my opinion. k anyways, it was good, if you don't like it im sorry but im a Terminator fan and i loved it. Now if only they could make another good Predator movie that would be great.

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