Thursday, July 30, 2009

what do we have here

So im going to start with the quote of the day, just heard it, haven't had one for a while.

"Hey Rebecca, is that a girls helmet?"
Tyler Allison to Beaumont sounding very worried

"No, I don't think so"(in a quebec accent)

"Thats good cause i used to have the same one"
Tyler, sounding very relieved.

I found it a lot funnier when i heard it.

So i awoke today feeling the best ive felt in a while. After being awoken last night by two guys breaking into the motel. Actually it was Matt and Kevin, i was so tired, I know Kevin was talking to me but i can't remember what he said.

We had a crazy storm roll through the area last night, word is the cycling center was hit last night by lightning or very close to it.

I got to the course and got to talk to Jonathan from out west, then headed out for a nice easy lap of the course to dial in some lines. It was a little wet but not to bad. I spent a long time going over stuff. More so than i think i ever have the past few years. When your racing o-cups and canada cups, everyones racing there own lines and such, but when your racing wheel to wheel you really pick up on sections that you are riding faster than others on. So i spent a ton of time re riding different lines and such, i guess there is always room for improvement and i think i forget that sometimes. I also got to ride it with some of the national team junior girls, and Kylie was with them, it was nice to help them a bit too. And with the creepy mustache gone suddenly they aren't afraid of me.

So maybe its good to slow down every once in a while, too bad i needed to get sick to actually do that.

The weather for the rest of the week looks good. So maybe we will have a mtb race on sunday, as opposed to an adventure style, who can survive it kind of race.

I never really tested the legs but they felt good riding up the hill to the course.

Im looking forward to the challenge coming up, trying to pull out a good race just coming off a cold. Racing from behind for sure. The code word is "buttercup" if you here someone saying "buttercup" please leave some room.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So remember when i said the amount of blogging content is directly related to mood and results, well yeah, so here it is

I started st anne in a good spot actually right beside Zandstra, who has multiple times more world cup and uci points than me, not sure what was up with that.Also heard on the start line lance held onto his third, damn. Felt good in the start, kinda crazy riding down a sketchy downhill three wide. Huge bottle neck, found myself surronded by the cast of off road to athens, felt like asking for an autograph. Got chirped by adam craig for not using my clipless pedals. felt like chirping back but i had nothing.

Started to move up a bit, but my legs were already screaming at me. Came to the rocky downhill, saw everyone take the bypass, felt i should two foot it down the rocks, made up some places. After words i regretted not riding it, i have already signed up for kabushs learn to ride clinic.

legs started to go downhill from that. My head was in it, i was riding decently, but my legs were giving me no joy.

last person on the 5th lap to get pulled, almost got lapped by superman(absalon)But i held him off.

Had no idea what happened, tried to keep a smile on my face, but really i was kinda grumpy.

got packed up and headed to bromont, got into bed late woke up, stuffy, flemmy, a little hot. yup mystery solved, i was a few hours from feeling the effects of my annual summer cold, actually almost to the day last year. So awesome, sick again second year in a row for the world cups.

Too bad I just got set up with a crazy, light stiff, fast carbon high modulous hardtail frame, thing is sick, in a good way.

now just sleeping a lot, killing the juice, Zach would be envious,

oh and see below for the shaving of the mustache,

Monday, July 27, 2009


Never bet against Lance Armstrong, same bet is on for next year though.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go Time

Its noon, and im pretty much all packed and ready to go, back to quebec for the last trip there this year. Had a good ride last night a really small group out, probably the smallest ever in mid july. And it only got smaller as we were dropping people off the front and back like crazy. It seemed like nobody wanted to ride together. I dragged peter out, i think he had a good time. I lined him up good for the sprint but he couldn't come around. Post ride world problem solving, as always.

just watched the tour, very pleased with the way its going.

Again interweb access can be difficult sometimes in the nation, so ill try to keep things posted.

i think thats all i have.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

put to rest

So there is lots of speculation and here say going on. About the 24 hour Hot August nights. So this is the deal, the first plan was to ride with Norco on a 10 person corporate team. But to race it with the monday night something crew on a 10 person expert team. Saving my hot laps for that.

Well some things have gotten shuffled around and Norco is now putting in a 10 person expert team (though it will be 7 people i think) to compete with the Monday night Something crew. So for obvious reasons i will be racing it with the Norco squad. Should be some super tight racing. Wind of this has made the rounds and i've heard of another team scambling to locate some ringers for a 10 person expert team.

This might turn into a three way battle royale, for the jersey.

I look forward to it, but the same thing applies to the Norco squad first or last, im not getting 2nd again.

I believe the teams are stacking up as such

Monday nighters

Brendan Matheson
Jacob McClelland
Tristan Spurr
Matt Spak
Colin Scott
Scott Irwin
Lee Symmes
Ben Dawson

Stu Alp
Zach Hughes
Matt Paziuk
Shane Hollingshead
Sue Trimble-haviland??
Andrew Watson
Glassford?? oh that would be killer.

Should be interesting........

oh and Happy 40th anniversary of Neil and Buzz kicking it on the moon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

mathematical equations

so its post race just got home. Good stories to tell.

I got up had some steal cuts, with molasses, watched some of the tour my man ryder was killing it in the break, and by "my man" i mean i said hi once at worlds and he grunted something back.

i had to leave before the stage finish but i was told the outcome of which i am pleased and i think the mustache is sticking around.

Got to the race, had to park in the overflow lot even though tons of people were leaving the lot that was closer. So i opted to ride to the tent. My helmet was packed so i rolled in without. I got a good grilling and rightly so. I used the no one else wheres theres strolling around, i was informed i need to keep myself to higher standards. Kids where your helmet. And it should be a Lazer helmet.

Matt P informed me of his plans not to race. I was bummed we need to talk about this.

Got warmed up, saw the cutest puppy ever, i think it was Cayleys boyfriends dog, doesn't matter whose it was it was cute. Molly and Spak stopped by and said hi, i leaned over to pet molly and say hi, she returned by sticking her tongue in my mouth, im not kidding it was gross. like really gross.

Got lined up, beside Pete. Good start, feeling comfortable just rolling through. You'd think i'd learned my lesson by now, if your 3rd your actually 10th. Just before the first singletrack i got engulfed by riders. Like people literally came out of the trees into the section. Zach came by which was cool i wanted to stick on his wheel. Just before the turn in, Zach Winn...picture zach winn as Tony stewert and myself as Kyle Busch and thats about it. I thought i was getting spun out. Rolled in not too too worried some good riders infront who won't let any gaps go.

Sure enough the first rock that you can possbilly hit Juiceboy hits and stops dead in the middle of the trail. I yelled nice Zach, to which zach winn almost lost it on me, i told him i wasn't talking to him. He sad ok. So the leaders are out of sight now, and im just pounding through stuff.

I was riding behind LJ, for a bit which was good as i picked up some good lines, some i didn't ride as they were off the trail, and just plan nuts. I picked off a few riders and lapped through in a little bit of a chase group. The pace wasn't crazy high so i went to the front and picked it up partway through the second lap. I thought i would get a gap but i didn't everyone just rode behind. We came to an open section where i stopped pedalling to take a drink and let some others come by. Pete came up beside but didnt' come through. The bitter person in me came out and i said fine, if no one wants to race we'll just ride. I rolled through really slow, like almost falling over cause i didn't know what the slow lines were. Another open spot, again nobody.

Lapped through grabbed my 3rd bottle and killed it. For 3/4 of the 3rd lap i was drilling it as hard as i could. Pete closed it down by the end. But this time it was only him.

Just before the lap, Pete came by and did something i have never seen before he attacked like crazy hard, like out of the saddle zach attack. I knew i didn't want to kill it that hard and wanted to save a little something for next weekend. I got on it though and rode behind just to get a gap on the others. now if your kids are reading this send them away. As we came up to the first single track section. Pete went wide and slowed down, i didn't know what he was doing so i slowed down too, as i didn't really want to go ahead. He said go ahead and i said no you go, by this time we were both pretty much stopped. With my front brake on i reached over with my right hand and tried to push him into the singletrack, he pulled both brakes and i couldn't push against that. Then he got nasty and yelled at me that we were working together and that he would pull on the doubletrack and i would "use my skills" and lead through the singletrack. I was not aware of this. apparently i didn't get the memo.

After a few seconds of being stopped i took the lead and did my best to keep the pace high. Pete was pretty keen on catching the two infront, i lead for the next while Pete came by me, and got a bit of a gap going around some lapped riders. It wasn't much but i wasn't feeling it. I wished him luck and backed off, 10-15%, now this is where the mathematics comes in at buckwallow. Cause i know pete is reading this and saying wtf. But the funny thing with Buckwallow is how much effort it takes to go "fast" When your riding it fast there are no good lines, its just plain old pounding through the forrest like a bear. It doesn't look smooth and it doesn't feel smooth. I backed off a bit, not a lot, but i was still riding just a few seconds slower per section than Pete. But thats what it takes to race "fast" there. For the last lap i could still see Pete, but here we go again to get up to him would have taken 15% more effort to actually go 1% faster. Its a tough place to race at for sure.

Another mathematical system i worked out was how many roots it takes in a row to hit before you slow down on a hardtail. I am working on a formula right now, but basically you can only suck up so many roots and rocks in a row before you start to loose momentum. As Pete will atest too he almost ran me over a couple times on his Dually.

In the end i crossed the line 4th, not to shabby, i feel super tough for doing it on a hardtail, Like i was struting around pretty good after the race for that. Me and Peter had our day, he bettered me when all things were equal, no flats no nothing just good old racing he had more legs and more grit today. I am anxious to read his version of the pushing story. Should be up tommorow

now im home, need to stay up to watch the tour finish,

Saturday, July 18, 2009


So, two days till the 40th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landings. This has been a point of contention between myself and a few others. Even almost coming to blows. Well here it is photographic evidence of the moon landings, i know i know the photo's could have been faked, but honestly i think that for some people, they will have to go to the moon themselves to finally believe it. For those people i really feel bad you can't believe in it.

Prerode the wallowing buck today, good stuff, same old same old, got to ride with Kevin and Sue, it was kinda crazy how fast sue is having a baby a couple weeks ago. Kevin made sure he took her in the sprint though.

watched the Watchmen, good stuff, i really liked it. Big billy crudup fan so how could i not. just chillin with the feet up, thinking im going to watch "the right stuff", or "apollo 13" or some episodes of "from the earth to the moon" to celebrate an amazing achievment in human history. if you disagree i know of some monkey bars we can meet at later to "talk" it over. (Matt Paziuk)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad Bad Vibes

So its friday, the weather looks like it will be nice this weekend for the race. I changed the pre-ride plans to ride tommorow. possibly with Juiceboy a little Norco Team pre-ride super secret course training.

This morning i read Matts blog, to hear that Jeremy had taken a little tumble. I thought at first they were just being cautious and he'd be all good soon. Sure enough it turns out he broke his knee cap in half, or thats what it looks like on the x-ray, i actually almost started to cry. Jeremy and his wife had been planning on doing transrockies this year. I gave them a call, Jeremy sounded OK, not great, but he said it didn't really hurt that bad.

This is less than a week after a (girl) friend of a friend broke her wrist pre-riding buckwallow, and they even saw someone else get hurt there. So im getting some funky feelings about sunday. When i called the shop Colin reminded me its only and o-cup and i have bigger fish to fry next weekend, it helped to hear that.

Kylie and I sending our love down the well. And by well i mean to Melrose place, and by love i mean "like" to Jeremy to get better soon. We need someone to coordinate the monday night rides.

I got out for some short intervals on the road today to keep the legs going. Felt good. nice weather.

Looks like the BCC TT's may be done soon. Mike and Judy do an amazing job at them but with the low turnouts (4 last night) no one can keep asking them to do them.

oh so i watched Terminator Salvation last night. Awesome, loved it best movie i have seen in a long long time. I had heard mixed reviews that it strayed from the orginal timeline, but that was part of the plot to stray from that. I got the same vibe i got from T2, maybe not as good as that, but still a thousand times better than T3. Arnold even makes an appearance kinda. It got back to the age old, bladerunner/bsg question of what makes a human a human. Sam Worthington was great, actually stole the screen a little from batman in my opinion. k anyways, it was good, if you don't like it im sorry but im a Terminator fan and i loved it. Now if only they could make another good Predator movie that would be great.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

new record

a post every day for the past few days, crazy. After yesterdays trounsing by Jamie i opted to take it easy today and leave the legs alone.

I headed out on the flattest route possible, just spinning and keeping the rpm high. By the end of the ride i didn't feel half bad. in the spirit of full disclosure (pete) i pushed an astounding 112 watts, 22.5 km/hr, avg hr was 103 beats.

while im on that topic, it would appear that no longer exists. which is too bad it was a good site.

got home conversed with Zach a bit about pre-riding buckwallow tommorow, but hes not getting there till later. and he may or may not be riding with his National Champion friend. So its looking like a noonish ride, really i don't know why as they will most likely alter the course a bunch with the rains. But Havy will give me a hard time if I don't pre ride.

Chilled out, may or may not have had a brewed beverage.

read roddi's blog St. Felicien is just an evil evil place. Except for the course its awesome. But everything else.....

Starbuck had to get a little bit of her hair shaved off cause she has a hole in her side, from what we don't know, and its infected. The Vet, who is usually pretty serious, was even making jokes about how often shes in there. I asked if they took trade in's on newer dogs, she said no. I then asked if there was some sort of Bubble that we could put Starbuck in. She said maybe.

I also have to congratulate Kylie on being asked to take part with the national team as an assitant coach for the canadian world cups, shes still figuring out all the details but its looking like she'll be there. Which is good, hopefully she can keep me calm again.

"hi how are you"

Grumpy sobeys checkout girl, like really she is always pissed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


its wednesday post ride, and im procrastinating some landscaping duties i have been assigned so i thought i write up a little post.

Last night was very enjoyable as many of the tuesday nighters have been this year. Good thing about crappy weather is it keeps the group small and managable. We came in pretty hot again, and i again was on Orrins wheel somehow. I was expecting a slow ramp up to a full leadout, but Orrin accelerated crazy fast, he probably has the fastest acceleration out of anyone in town, it doesn't come out to often but when it does its impressive. I lost his wheel and big Jamie got on it. I had a good gap to close but once i got some momentum up i was all good and went past. Im thinking Mark Cavendish should watch out.

Today i headed out for a long ride with little Jamie, yes an actual person, i know it was weird to me to, i think i was still talking to myself a little. Solid ride, went by fast, kinda hit the wall Jamie took me in the "sprint" stopped for coffee and a Brownie, then stopped at the Lance store for a bit, then stopped at Bikeland for a bit, ran into the Exprezzo rep from Quebec randomly, then made it home, about 2 hours after the ride actually ended. Hey you know what they say about chamy time.

it would appear my saturday pre-ride plans may need some adjustment, understandable given the rough year the mtb courses have had this year. So possibly head up Tommorow or Friday,

Starbuck is in rough shape after a weekend on manitoulin, she has a nice gash and shes limping pretty good, won't go up the stairs, i think we need to put her in a bubble, that dog is just full boar all the time.

I think Spak is trying to lead me to a mental breakdown. I may need to go to Midland and steal a "gnome"

watched Knowing, it really sucked brutally bad last 1/3 of the movie.

.....what else.....i think that may be it.

"Which way are you heading"
women gardening

"that way"
pointing north

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So its tuesday afternoon, just finished getting my espresso machine back in action, im not sure why i waited so long something about carrying it up the stairs just kept me from it.

yesterday as i was getting unpacked and organized, i looked out and saw the foxes(Rommel and Erwin) were back in the schoolyard. With the construction going on and no one walking through there, they must feel pretty safe to come out and just chill in the sun. Its pretty amazing how quickly nature can come back to an area as soon as people leave it. I tried to get closer by getting outside but they saw me and bolted.

Another piece of wildlife news is that the robins that made a nest on the back deck are having there 3rd set of hatchlings/little birds/ not sure what they are called. Again, im still surprised how trusting they are of us, our bbq is right under the nest, i climb up and take pics, we have dinner out there, and they just chill and never dive bomb us or anything. I'm sure putting up the stove piping to keep the coons at bay helped.

back to human stuff, last night i rolled out to midhurst to ride with the guys (and tammy) Tammy got an e-mail from her coach saying she didn't have to warmup or cooldown for the ride. Which may or may not have been cause i chirped Peter pretty good about it. We had a good time, super chill ride, until the end when all hell broke loose and i was havine Nam style flashbacks to saturday but instead of chasing Kabush and McGrath I was chasing Scott Irwin on a singlespeed at about 135 rpm through fast singletrack. It was kinda crazy. i dont' want to brag or anything but I took it.

Today i ventured out to pick up some new batteries for my HR monitor. I headed to walmart where i find that prices have shot up again for batteries. The one i needed used to be like 3 bucks now a year later and it was 6.50. WTF, i know in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter but seriously. With the powertap i burn through batteries pretty quick, (yes this is a rant) so i said f this and remebered that the source used to have a deal where if you pay a little extra you get like a warranty with the battery. I never used to take it as the math never worked out. So i decided to stop in and see, they still had the deal so we'll see how it works out. Basically its less than 3 bucks a battery for a generic brand instead of duracell. So the test will be if the battery lasts more than half as long.

Twitter is buzzing with excitment about the tuesday nighter tonight may have to classify it as the tuesday night olympics, bump it up a notch. really just looking to catch up on the past week with folks.

i apologize for the lack of quote of the days, im just not remembering what people say anymore.

Monday, July 13, 2009

ill take it

So im back home, it was a long drive yesterday 12 hours on the road. I had Juiceboy with me for most of it, and i made sure he stayed awake. Thank you power windows.

The week was good, got some good laps in on the course, it was a really fun course to ride. I spent some time with Kylie which was nice. The weather was good, food was so so.

Thursday the team rolled in and got setup.

Friday, final prep on the course which included a race pace lap that saw me start and stop the lap 3 times, but i somehow got the time bang on with my race laps 20:30.

Saturday morning i stuffed in the calories, thanks to Stu, steal cuts like no one else.

(im trying to do a glassford style post if you haven't noticed) (but don't worry im not going to swear)

I got warmed up on the trainer, as the rain seemed to be starting. I was actually nervous for this race, maybe something to do with Dan Proulx pep talk, which was weird i can't remeber the last time i was nervous. Luckily i had Kylie there to keep me calm, as i don't know if Havy knew how to handle it.

All the "A" riders were there Max, Kabush, McGrath, and Zandstar. (i'm an "A-" rider)

rolled to the start line, i was super pissed as peter had "007" and i was "004" i knew i had to stick it to him, there was no plan for this one.

Got started, led the start loop, Kylie had to leave after a lap so i had to put on a show for her. Got gobbled up by the guys and hung on in 5th for a lap. Shamus was letting gaps go and would chase them down, i could only do that a couple times. Hindshight should have ridden behind Geoff super steady.

I felt good, but my legs had that little bit of fatigue in them, just enough so i could respond to pace changes. I maintained a high pace for the race never letting the lead 4 out of my sight.

Rode up to them on the 4th lap, just as i got there Max uped it, damn, maybe he sensed something.

Fell off and rode my own pace, McGrath fell of too on the last lap, tried to catch him, we basically rode the same pace, and i finished 12 seconds back.

I'm pretty happy with that.

I could here the announcer in french yelling something, i lost sight of the lead trio, so i was hoping Zandstra had gotten away, he was definently strong and he controlled that race. I actaully thought to myself that if he won i was going to hug him. And i don't hug dudes.

Turns out the k-Bomb launched a solid attack on the last half lap and only Max could go with it. With Zandstra finishing up third.

full race here i need to tighten up my glasses i kept having to push them up my nose.

Pre race interview notice glassford keeping it real

Post race interview

The rest of the team had mixed races, Catherine flatted first lap, and then shredded her rear mech on a rock. Caroline had a solid race finishing 6th.

The guys did well, Stu just coming back from a injury kept it trucking for the whole race. Matt P, rode it right till they told him to stop, i like to think my pep talk helped. Shane was 22nd,

Zach had a great race, not sure if he knows that or not, he finished 6th in the u23 race, and every guy infront of him moves up next year......interesting.

Team Ontario did well, With Laura Bietola winning the Juinor womens race after her third at road nats. Cayley Brooks was third, Oldcorn 5th, they are all first year juniors so next year should be good to watch.

Junior men was another tight race, fellow barrieonite Mitch was third in a hard fought battle.

Varga third in cadet...

Emily and Fudge 1-2 in the u23 womens race.

you get the idea all

Need to thank Kevin Haviland and Norco performance bikes first and foremost, they gave me a shot this year and i was glad i could have a solid canada cup season and Nationals for them.

Kylie, for always knowing what to say to me and when to say it.

and all the others for doing little things that add up huge for an athlete. Im not sure if i thank those people enough, folks like the Vipond family always positive and willing to carry wheels around, the Douglas/3 Rox clan who manage to keep there team feeling like a family and they always seem to have a camping chair ready.

My teammates for keeping things light off the bike.....i could go on but i don't want to get all sappy.

It feels like the first half of the season is over, and the second half is starting.

"Im nervous"

"Thats normal when your on the verge of greatness"
Matt not helping with the nervousness

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 3 my revenge

So today was the last race in the short, 6 race canada cup series. I got a good amount of sleep, everything was ready to go so i didn't really feel the need to remove myself from the realy comfortable bed.

After some good eats, and hotel lobby coffee, i was headed up to the course for the 12 o clock start.

k ill have to leave you there, i was 2nd, full report later.

k im back, had to pick up juiceboy's friend,

k back to the race, i arrived, kyle double checked my bike and gave it a second coat of "R U Kidding" basically the best lube ever created, i can disclose any more details.

got warmed up and headed to the start line, the start was delayed a little bit. But we were soon off for 5 laps. I felt a need to redeem myself for my poor showing here last time it was muddy at the world cup. The start was a handful with lots of running, but everybody was pretty polite and patient cause everyone was fracking up and dabbing.

I settled into my own little world, Jacob came by me to prove that his tire choice wasn't half bad, i was impressed. I passed him just before the dowhill jump berm section. I was sitting in around 10 ish. I focused on riding the singletrack clean.

starting my 2nd lap, the course was taking its toll, on peoples tires as i passed Zandstra, Jette, benoit, and Trudel all off to the side of the trail.

i went by widmer and sessford, and made my way to the hadley chase group. It didn't take to long to move through and before i knew it i was in 2nd. Behind gagneWith two laps to go. I kept the pace up, and the singletrack as smooth as possible. The conditions were bad but not as bad as the world cup, so i was pretty comfortable and relaxed in it.

i finished up and got cleaned up for the podium which was supposed to be asap, 2 hours later, i got my hardware. And headed back to spend the next couple hours cleaning even more stuff.

Dinner at Pizza Hut, which was actually half decent i had a good pasta dish there that would rival any italien eatery.

now just hanging out.

Heading to felicien in the morning, and i really am not holding out hope for internet there, so it will most likely be down to twitter updates.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 2, what goes around really goes around

So, i thought i was all lucky that i missed the 24 hour 12 hour at albion,

well it catches up with everyone, sure enough its raining here in Bromont, and it has for the past few days, and it will tommorow. Zach asked me how many times ive raced here without mud, i said last year was the first. So it was the odd year out.

The old course on the other side of mountain seemed to take the rain a lot better though. The new side just doesn't absorb it, let it run off i don't know im not a drainage expert. they have done a tremendous amount of work since the world cup last year. But it still needs loads of work to get on par with fort william. We all have to do it, so we'll just do it im not saying its only bad for me. But there is a fine line between being challening in the rain, and just being luck of the draw if you hit a big fracking rock in the middle of a puddle. Or weather its just a small puddle or if its a hub deep hole.

The layout of the new course is good, the climbing is way better, but if it rains like this for the world cup i think they'll get another failing grade. Like i said before we all have to do it, and it will be a challenge, my legs feel good, i definetly love the hardtail here, there is basically nowhere on the course that dually would help with the max speed about 10kph. Im thinking i may devise a plan for no bottle cage so i can shoulder the bike.


Kevin Haviland

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 1

We arrived, a little sleepy, i got a couple winks of sleep on the drive but that freaked zach out a bit so i did my best to stay awake.

Got registered,

Got checked into the palace, had a powernap, went for a huge ride up the hill to watch the 4x qualifying where our Teamate Hans stomped everyone it was pretty insane how fast and smooth he was. When we hit the first hill riding up i had to immediatly put it in the granny, i was a hurting unit, i almost turned around.

Got back got cleaned up and walked down to the golden retriver restaurant. Had a wicked pizza served by a quebec girl who spoke the best english i have ever heard. Cam the jet walked in with his brother but they were to cool to come over and say hi.

Went grocery shopping for breakfast materials and snacks, now im here and i think im hitting the hay pretty soon.

Have to say a big congrats to Marian from Manitoba for winning masters nationals today. I had some money running on Dave Viney, but in a way im happy. Kylie may have trouble collecting since there technically was no handshake.

so stoked

"the orange juice is to boost my vitamin c, the other tropical juice is for pure enjoyment"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

pushing invisible watts

Yesterday i spent some time getting prganized booking some accomodation, that kinda thing, i cleaned out my car vacummed it, got it all nice for Zach and I just to get it all dirty again the next week in muddy quebec.

I got out for a short punchy mtb ride in the bluffs. The singletrack that was put in is being ridden in nicely, there are still a couple turns and tight sections, but otherwise they are becoming fun trails to ride.

Last night i needed some Will Smith being happy so i watched Hancock, just keeps getting better and better, i don't understand why people say it sucks, did they even watch it.

This morning, i finished up all the laundry and organizing for the trip. Heading to Bromont in the morning, then onto felicien which is deep into quebec on Monday, where im staying a couple doors down from team manitoba. Then Kevin and the rest of the Norco contingent arrives thursday.

And here is a photo of some of the local wildlife taken in the school yard, i named then Rommel and Erwin.

Tonight, i headed out to Oro for the long course TT. Its a 35 km loop of some nice rolling stuff. Definetly not flat. I was a little physched out, i wasn't sure how i would feel, and really didn't want to kill myself tonight. I even had a shortcut planned if i wasn't feeling it i would turn back at the 9th. I gave my head a shake and told myself i would feel good. Sticking with my "if your not first your last" TT strategy this year. The weather was still pretty damp so i opted to leave the powertap off for the 5th straight day. 7 souls came out to battle it out, i think everyone was pure eddy style, i may have seen one set of aero bars. I gave my three bucks and lined up at the tail end, Since the defending long course champ is away in Beauce. I was a minute behind Robb(is your name really spealt like that?) and 2 behind Don, i finished a few seconds off Don on this course last year so i was seaking some revenge. Three minutes back from "Jim". So i hadsome strong targets to keep some time checks on.

I felt good right from the start, i got slowed up a bit at the first stop sign but was back into a nice rythem in no time. With no powertap, i was left only to my own devices to pace myself. I focused on having a good pedal stroke and getting into the old dura ace 7800 cable grab aero position. I started to put time into Robb right away, by the 5th it was down to 50 seconds. By the end of the 4th it was about 15. There is some altitude gain here so it does suit me a little more. Down the hill to hardwood the gap stayed the same. I made some time up on the next climb and could see lots of riders ahead, we went past the 7th and up the hill to the 8th. I looked up and i could see all 6 riders infront of me. I went past "jim" first, but before i past him i did a quick shoulder check to see if there were any pesky cars behind me. There was van right there, so i keep it tight and rode up behind jamie, i told myself it was making up for the slowdown at the first stopsign.

I continued on passing Robb and others, by the the 9th i was past everyone, I kept on pushing, the downhills were a little hard to do that on, i was spun out my 52/11, or at least i wasn't able to keep the power down at 110 rpm would be more accurate. I turned down the 14th and punched those climbs which hurt a lot. Turn back on 15/16, punched that climb that hurt, then finished on the return leg of the out and back we do normally. It hurt a lot too. I finished up in 52:03 for a speed of 40.3 kph. im pretty happy with that, 4 min 8 seconds faster than last year. Not having power i think helped, next time out im going to tape over the display. The data would be nice to look at after. But for those interested and in the spirit of sharing i bet i pushed between 300-400 watts.

In my cooldown i was snacking on a bar and i hit my gag reflex and hurled my spinach salad and chicken on the newly paved 8th line. Awesome, i knew i killed it at that moment.

k, i was just told i wasn't clear in a post canmore interview, when i said Kabush and Zandstra will be battling it out at nationals, i meant to say they will be battling it out for 2nd. I apologize for any misunderstandng.

internet is sketchy in the nation of quebec so if you need updates be sure to check my tweets.