Sunday, June 21, 2009

turning of screws

So im killing some time at the Calgary airport before a redeye home, and i discover they have "free" interenet, maybe some of that "airport improvement fees" are doing something.

Anyway, i had two goals going into the race a top 3, which would make my hardwood dissapear from the overall. And to get some results out asap via twitter. Both went well i think.

After a good dinner over at Kylies with Peter glassford in attendance who barbecues a mean chicken breast, and a good nights sleep. It was time to check out and check into Kylies pad for a morning of keeping the legs up. While discussing many things with Pete. And we agreed that today was the day that we went head to head.

We rolled up to the course at 12:30 and after some more sitting around the nordic center at the Norco team compound AKA a bench. Oh and getting some help with getting a nitrogen/oxygen mixture pumped into my tire by some freindly Albertans.

We got lined up 11 wide to start the 4 lap race. They added a couple minutes to try and get the race close to 2 hours. The chief commisaire was talking 28 s at the meeting i new it would be faster than that. but moving on. (i know i know, im trying)

The first couple hundred meters of the race were pretty quick i found myself on Kabush's wheel and before long Zandstar came by as well. The pace settled down a little once we got out of view from the crowd, i think Kabush is a bit of a feedzone warrior. Before the course turned a little steep and narrower i got passed by Julian who immediatly let a gap open up, i passed him back about 8 seconds later. Tim was also passed me too. Nearing the top i passed Tim and my momentum brought me passed Kabush and onto Zandstras wheel going into the first DH. The three of us opened up a bit of a gap on Tim. Mainly due to a certain inventive line by Zandstra. We rolled through the middle section and railed the next dh into the coal chutes where the gap opened up even more going into the georgetown climb. After buzzing kabush's tire a couple times, seriously i felt like such a jit. We were at the top.

Heading onto the second lap i moved into the lead up the first climb for a bit. Before settling into second for the first dh. I was feeling pretty strong at this point, as long as it stayed steady. In the middle rolly section Kabush tested Me/Zandstra on the dh into the chutes. I felt like i was in a super d, i think my wheels were in the air longer than on the ground. I came out of the coal chutes a few feet behind them i rolled back on Zandstra was impressed and i informed them i was riding a norco, Hardtail or not, the thing loves the downhills. I lapped through in the lead grapped my bottle from Kylie who i think was semi stoked i was leading.

Kabush got his game face on and turned it up just a hair on the first climb up to the oven, me being me, played it safe, and instead of risk a explosion on the 4th lap i fell off and settled into my own pace. I know i Know, maybe ill let it all hang out at Bromont but moving on. The duo never really got to far out of site on the third lap. I was rolling the flats a little faster, and lapped through about 15 seconds back.

The fourth lap was more of the same, i knew i had a little more gas in the tank, again that 1:45 pace is coming along but i haven't quite nailed it yet. I got out of the saddle and cranked a couple of the shorter climbs. Got down the downhills fast and smooth. Up the last climb i could still see the battle up about a minute or so. I kept the pressure on, coming into the finish i could see a 3 rox jersey just up the course, i thought Zandstra had flatted, as i got closer i could see the back number -02, when i got really close i realized it was 102 and it was actually Amanda. Yeah i felt awesome sprinting past her, i just pretended i was going hard right to the line.

I got out to dinner with Kylie (kabush took it) and waited over an hour for the food, they were nice enough to comp our drinks but it sucked. Shuttle ride back.....airport.....

here are some pics.

Varga and OJ out at the grizzly paw, awesome Bison burgers, and beer brewed right in the restaurant.

Norco flew in a feeder from the Praries, Catherine had a solid race and finished 8th a tight group of racers.

Womens Podium, not a bad shot if i say so myself.

I also just heard that the 24 hour got cut short by about 12 hours, due to insane rain, i guess matt will be all good for the monday night ride.

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