Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank you post

In my delirous post race airport typing i forgot some important people i need to thank. first off the Jetpower crew for having Zach and I along for the trip. Mitch Bailey and Scott R. Johnson put together a great trip, super dialed and stress free. They had some good races, Mitch rode strong, overcame a flat to finish third. Steve Noble, after writing three exams before the race, put in a solid effort for 6th in the Junior Mens field.

In the womens field Laura Bietola from 3 Rox, took the win, Cayley and Natasha rode strong on a tough course to finish 3rd and 4th respectively, almost making it an Ontario Sweep.

Dan Varga, rode a smart race and lead from start to finish in the cadet expert (sorry U17) expert.

Scott kept things light in the feedzone. and after their races all the youngens were out in full force cheering us on.

Next big thanks is to Kylie and Anna, from province of the Bison, for letting us chill at there place, and for Kylie feeding Zach, Catherine and myself in our race.

Zach, was riding strong until crashing(while infront of Widmer, that guy is bad luck to ride infront of) in the coal chutes. Once this kid puts it all together watch out.

Today was so nice, Lesley and Scott dropped me off and i crawled into bed and woke up at 4, a solid sleep. It was my first day off since.....i can't actually remember. has been updated too.

and everyone should read spaks 24 report, sounded like a good one

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shore said...

dude are you seriously pimping a 'stash?!?! that is.. shall we say, very awesome!