Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Day#1

Yup, i found summer all i had to do was gt on a plan for a few hours. And i found it here in Edmonton, maybe its from all the tar sands pollution, whatever i don't care its warm and i can wear shorts and a t shirt no problem.

The travel went off without a hitch, drive, park n fly, check in, fly, shuttle, hotel check in, chill for a bit, all good.

After hitting up the local grocery store for 70 bucks of food, mostly went into buying juice for OJ. We had a quick bit to eat then got ready and headed over to the course. I was amazed by how friendly the dirvers are to cyclists. There were a few times when we had to cross a busy road and the cars would stop and let us cross it, craziness. The course is only 1.5 km away, through a nice little college section of town.

The course is really nice, fast, flowing, short punchy climbs, ala boler and hardwood. Its situated in the edmonton river valley, so there are lots of other park users and stuff, but they didn't care at all that we were bombing around in a city park, another somewhat surprising thing.

We got pointed to a section of the course that wasn't marked in yet, but was being added just for the elite race. They were working on it, so we just walked it, im freaked out. I have no idea how im going to ride it. Its a nasty little rooty drop thing that if you mess up you will get hurt. It might be a quick dismount run section, but ill see once i get to try to ride it tomorrow.

now just chilling, waiting to go eat some dinner and register.

oh yeah and i have internet.

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