Friday, June 12, 2009

Pre night

Just got back from the rider/managers meeting. Where i didn't win any points for vetoing a move to shorten the race to 5 laps. Living up to my reputation.

Backing up, the day was good, good breakfast, good ride, have it pretty dialed, got caught up with Roddi, who had a bad bail yesterday but hes all good and ready to race.

Had some good dinner at Gino's a nice italian place, that isn't part of a chain of restaurants.

last night i was out at 7:30 and had a solid 12 hours of sleep, tonight i think ill cut that back a little bit.

The hockey tournament is on the Pittsburgh Stealers appeard to have scored a point.

Feeling good for the event tomorrow

ummm i think thats it

Zach whenever a cute girl walks by, not very stealth

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