Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not so South end anymore

So it looks like the city of Barrie made enough "donations" cough cough to the right people at Queens park and have succesfully acquired some of Innisfil. They say its a good thing and it will create 45 000 jobs, long term. Bull, Pratts just going to go in there and build a couple thousand houses, for commuters. Oh but they are doing to slow down urban sprawl, well what the hell do you call it when you take forrest and farmland and turn it into city. the whole thing wreaks and the people of innisfil have every right to be pissed.

Back to my own little world of cycling, Monday night was a nice ride in finally some good monday night weather, rainy, cloudy, dark, and miserable. Matt , Jeremy, Jacob, and myself oh and Molly of course, just to add some incentive to not dog it to much. As we arrived at bass lake sure enough we weren't the only ones out riding, there was a big group of fly girls, and another group of guys. As we were heading out Matt was trying to talk us into putting lights on. But i figured its light out till well after nine now so why bother. By 8:30, when we were riding in the hardwood forrests it was pretty much pitch black and it was pretty much ride by feel. Matt had his light on but still managed to take a nice bail. Its all that racing in Quebec it buffs up the rods and cones. Post ride, much smash talk, as usual.

Tuesday, i got some stuff done and then headed to the tuesday night ride. again it was about 12 degrees and not sunny. The turnout wasn't half bad considering the weather. We had a great ride, even going up Horseshoe which i haven't done in a couple years. And no one flatted. Orrin, Nigel and myself sat down for a warm bevy, until Nigels wife called and was wondering where he was, we kinda forgot we road till after 9 and it was almost 9:45.

Today, i spent dong Laundry and packing, with a good ride and a long time trial thrown in. I was awaiting a new 2010 fork, to put on but Canpar i guess ran behind so it will have to wait for next week.

Just finished watching Gran Torino, awesome, great flick, a totally different film for Eastwood, yet it was still classic Eastwood, its tough to describe. But if you have a issue with racial slurs please avoid. I thought i've heard them all over the years, but was i wrong. Anyway, two thumbs up, great story, great acting(not that it wouldn't be) get out and rent it.

Now im just getting ready to hit the sack, up at 4:00 to drive to pearson, to meet O.J. (juiceboy) (Junior) (spider) Zach. To fly to Edmonton.

i have taken actions to be able to update my twitter feed via text so i hope to do a couple quick updates that way if i don't have internet. you can follow me at

"i can't say anything from Gran Torino"

"Hey guys you should have lights on"

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didn't they aquire inisville for the casino / slots / track ???