Thursday, June 4, 2009

Need to vent.

K first off, the mustache is going strong i just put in some "Just for men mustache and Beard"...Medium brown. If theres ever a super troopers sequel I'm totally auditioning.

So my day went well, got some stuff done around the house. Washed the Mazda, things like that. I also got a sweet 20 dollar gift card to Dariy Queen for lending my TT helmet out for the last CSG qualifier. So that made my day. I also got a 50 dollar qift card to canadian tire for my birthday so im going on a shopping spree for blue shop towels, simple green, and oreo cookie bliazzards.

I made up some Home wreckers for dinner, something Stu and Matt got me onto in Baie st paul. Not sure if my mother and Brother were too into them but i loves my Mexican food.

After stuffing myself, i got dressed and headed out to the oro fairgrounds for the Thursday evening time trial. With the longer days the 85km round trip is possible without finishing in the dark. On the way out i rode at tempo from thunder bridge to the bridge over hwy 11 and the 7th line. I felt good, the only thing was i had a solid stitch in my side from eating a little to close to riding.

Last year i did a fair amount of these but never really put much effort into them. Except for the epic Kyle Fry showdown in late may, where i laid it down good. Most of the other times i was just there to support the event and the awesome job Mike and Judy Doble do every (other) week. Mostly riding them at Tempo ish. This year i'm trying to make it a point that im either there to set a new personal best or ill help out with the turn or holding or looking good if im not feeling great to ride.

So tonight i went out with the sole purpose to go faster than 21:47 my previous best time on a regular road bike. I also know what wattage i pushed to get that time. Im on a different bike, which isn't really any slower or faster, i was in a skinsuit then and just my Jersey tonight. But other than that pretty straight forward eddy m. Style.

I started second to last, 60 seconds behind Tim on his recumbent (its fast) and 60 seconds in front of Dave Viney, who may or may not know how to ride a TT. He showed up with his fastest bike yet, a P4, full disc Powertap, 1080 front, single 56 tooth ring......oh and its stupid light. anyways, it wasn't really a question of if as to when i got caught.

The 15km is very challenging, never flat, always up or down, and the road surface could be a bit smoother. My previous best time was just over 40kph, where i have done flat 40km tt's at well over 40kph, so its not a fast course by purest standards.

Anyways this is getting long, i started, felt good, my wattage was good, i was comfortable on the bike. Dave went by at about the 7 minute mark. The bike sounds like a jet coming up from behind so i know when hes coming. I kept the pressure on and had a good turnaround, I knew that Tim had put about 20 seconds into me on the way out which didn't surprise me as its mostly downhill, and there were some good climbs on the way back where he might loose some time. Times aren't up as of posting so im not sure what his time was.

I was able to keep my power up, but i knew by checking my watch i was behind my goal speed. I finished up at 22:43(my time, official may vary by a second) so 56 seconds slower....but i pushed 25 more watts, or another 7.5%. But i was 4% slower. Wind was pretty calm, not really a tailwind or a headwind. Same as my fastest time i think. It appears Dave set the new course record at 20 minutes flat. Again another indication its not that fast of a course.

I put my leg warmers on quick and got heading home so my legs wouldn't seize up on me. I did some more tempo on the way home. By the time i hit town i was ready to be home. And the climb up Essa was a bit of a drag.

so thats my story, just had to get it out there, im surprisingly grumpy about it and thought i would share.

"Send a maniac to catch a maniac"
just watching Demolition man, solid lines

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