Thursday, June 18, 2009

My apologies

I can't believe i haven't blogged since sunday, sorry.

Monday was good got some cleaning done and installed a new 2010 Corsa fork onto my Norco. It was still warm from the assembly line. The fork felt awesome right from the get go. I was planning on taking Monday off, but i wanted to ride the fork before packing it up for Canmore. So i headed out to the monday night ride, but on a geared bike. see matts blog for some stoked video. I was wearing my Norco freeride jersey and had to represent the north shore style to the best of my ability. I also want to wish Matt luck with his 24 hour comng up this weekend, SOLO. yeah crazy.

Tuesday i repacked, but with some extra clothes for cooler weather, then headed out to mt st louis on the tuesday night ride. I promised my legs i wouldn't race or sprint. All the way in Ridge road i had to keep telling myself, just spin, pretend its motorpacing, it took every ounce of my will power to not blast by on the bridge. I held out for the whole run in until Orrin basically set me up perfectly right at the Egon s motors corner. It was really a work of art that even Mark Cavendish would appreciate. So i had to go, i was actually angry at myself. But i didn't do an ounce of work on the way in so i didn't really have to kill it.

Wednesday i awoke at 4 a.m. again, for the trip to Pearson, Zach and I were able to hook up with the Jetpower team for the journey. A good group of young riders, Mitch Bailey, Steven Noble, Dan Varga, Natasha Oldcorn, Bretton(absent from this trip) coached and mentored by Scott Johnson and Mike Garrigan(yes the Mike Garrigan) Im told they don't have a website or i would link it. The travel was good, a little sleep on the plane, the shuttle to Canmore was awaiting us, and we were at our accomodation in no time. Got our bikes built, Mitch won that race. Most of us did an easy lap of the course, which is good, its shorter by good amount compared to 2 years ago, I think there trying to trim the lap back to get 5 laps in instead of 4.

A good dinner at boston pizza, sleep, a good coffee this morning....

oh also be sure to check out probably the best website in the world. (p.s. i didn't make it, that would be weird)

ill try to take some pics and upload today

"This peanut butter sucks, it tastes like peanuts, if i wanted that i'd just eat some peanuts"
Zach as he adds brown suger to his bagal.

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Matt Spak said...

Rip Kabush's legs off!!! Have a awesome race. You'll be on the plane and I'll still be riding.

Congratulations on your first cyber stalker!!!!