Tuesday, June 30, 2009

low pressure

Now that you have all had time to absorb the press conference video. I will move on to other things.

Backing up to Sunday i headed out in the morning with a small group. I was pretty sure i was going to get wet so i left the powertap at home and ventured out. Thinking oh well at least its over 20 degrees it won't be to bad. We got a good chunk of the ride in with fair weathr but the last 25-30 minutes was pretty wet. When i checked my hr monitor i noticed it was also 15 degrees, this physced me out and i immediatly felt chilled. My phone kept ringing all the way in and i didn't want to answer it out on the road, i ducked into the shop for some shelter to check it. Which was a mistake cause as soon as i stopped moving i got cold quick. So i proceded to call for a rescue.

I had the heat in the van cranked and couldn't stop shaking, it took me a while to get warm again.

Got home had some tea and headed to blockbuster, i needed something light so i picked up Fanboys. And Valkyire.

After watching 7 pounds, and the visitor, the two most depressing films ive seen in a while i needed something light. Oh yeah review for 7 pounds, great flick, top notch acting, Woody Harrelson was the highlight for sure. But seriously not a happy ending.

Fanboys was awesome, just what the doctor ordered. Set in the late 90's leading up to the premier of Episode 1. basically an updated version of Stand By Me, except instead of a body there looking for a print of Episode 1. awesome cameo's by Carrie Fisher, Bill Shattner, Lando Calrision(don't know his real name) great stuff, best line coming at the end of the film when they sit down to watch it "dude, what if it sucks" also Kristen Bell is in it. can't go wrong there.

Back to cycling, monday i attempted to ride over to starbucks and have a coffee, but i got sidetracked when the weather cleared by a certain provincial team coach asking me if there were any "cool" coffee shops in Bradford. After laughing really hard i said no, only about 8 tim hortons. I jumped on the CCX but as soon as i did the clouds rolled in and it started to rain. I aborted.

But in the evening i headed to Midhurst for a monday night something training ride. it was drizzly and slippery and i hadn't ridden that bike for a while and i was having a really hard time turning right. All nascar jokes aside i couldn't do it. I hit a tree, and went wide in another corner and had to eject from the bike. i was riding sketchy, Molly got the takeout of the night when she caused Jacob to bail up the trail in front of us, it was a good one. Post ride we discussed our plans for the 24 hour in august, they think im kidding but im not getting second again. where winning or im sabotaging it and where going to be down numerous laps.

I finished up Valkyrie, yes i have seen it but i knew it was good so i played it safe and got it instead of taking a chance on any other film that was probably bad. Awesome film, go rent it.

Tuesday morning, i was able to spin over to blockbuster and starbucks. The sun was shining, but the there were walls of black clouds circling over head. When looking at the radar the entire weather system was rotating over barrie yesterday, i kid you not, it was the center of the universe for 12 hours yesterday. The south end of barrie never saw a drop of rain, where just downtown it was raining. weird.

After learning some life lessons, which i may share one day, i headed out to the tuesday nighter under some threatening skies. I came prepared for the ride this time, 6 or 7 brave souls came out to the ride. I don't blame people for not coming out it looked ominus. Usually im the last guy pushing for Oro but the weather that way looked the best, and i figured we'd get wet coming in, but we could get most of the ride in. As we were heading out st vincent we came across a roll over in the corner which i guess is pretty common, and the ambulance and couple firetrucks were there. They carried someone out on a stretcher, they didn't seem to be in a hurry, so either the person was fine, or really bad off.

the ride was good, very mellow, lots of joking around. rode some new pavement, and we only got a few drops of rain. Coming in i actually thought we were going to finish double file over the top of the hill, no dice Jamie outsprinted us all. It was a furious 33 km/hr sprint. hot apple cider, drove home, typed some of this went to bed.

awoke, now im going to wash my car, oh and its raining again today. and it looks like it will be raining in Bromont, No way, i can't believe it.

it was nice having a weekend off after 8 straight race weekends, but now its back at it for another 8(9 if i make worlds) (i mean it will be 9, stay positive) straight weekends. Off to Bromont on ????? not sure Then off to felicien to spend some time with my favourite coach.


Tammy said...

great use of sketchy:-)

Big Mike said...

Billy Dee Williams Lando