Saturday, June 27, 2009

long days of summer

last i left you i was heading for bed getting ready to ride around the lake on Thursday. Just before hitting the sac i checked the weather and sure enough it changed from nice and sunny to potential thunderstorms. When i woke up and looked to the west i could see a solid wall of black barreling down so i opted to save the long ride, and grab the dog and head for the basement.

Tunrs out most of the system moved to the south and missed us, we got a little sprinkle but that was it. I changed up my ride and headed to fred grant for the club training ride instead. It was a solid ride and with the late nights i was still able to get over three hours in.

Yesterday, with the sun shiny i opted for long ride up to the escarpment and pretty river road. My legs were a little stiff heading out but once i hit phelpston my first stop. My legs loosened up, and i was on my way west. I hit wasaga and before long i was heading up the long climb to rob roy and on to singhampton. just before singhampton, i saw another rider coming towards me. It always nice to see someone else out. It turned out to be Amanda Sin, i gave her a big wave, i was less than impressed with the wave i got back. Im actually not sure if she new it was me. After stopping at the store in Singhampton where the owner/operators are never happy. I headed back down past devils glen and glen huron.

I got a phone call from Kylie giving me a hard time cause i hadn't talked to her in a while and she had to read about me on here. I didn't know she read this. I was so sure of it, i thought i could even tell people that she has the smelliest feet ever. Like seriously they are toxic. Im that confident that she doesn't read this.

back to the ride. i finished off with my tempo through Angus, and finished up in just a hair over 5 hours fastest time for that ride.

After some food, and a couple bevys i was ready for bed to get rested up for another long ride today. and working on my bike in a sweet bambo t-shirt that jacob gave me, it is super comfy.

I awoke early and got some eats in and jumped on the bike to head towards waubashene to meet up with Spak, to ride the big chute loop. I have only ever done it as a out and back from Oro, ive never done the complete ride. So i was keen to get it done today. Heading out Ferndale uphill into the wind my legs were pretty stiff from the long ride yesterday, but again by the time i got to midhurst i was feeling better.

The route today took me over some of the best riding in Ontario, nothern Oro, moonstone, vasey Peter street, smooth ultra quiet roads. In hillsdale i called Matt to say i was on my way, he said i was 45 minutes out, i thought i'd like to do it in 40 mins. I rolled into matts secret hideaway spot at about 2:30 ride time, yup it was going to be a long ride. After getting tackled by Molly, and filling my bottles we were on our way. Matt had some fresh legs on and was killing me on all the short steep poppers that are common all the way to big chute.

Once we got there, i took some pics and headed to the store where i was able to score a ripe bannana not bad for a convienence store, of course i still got some junk. We continued on our way and got to coldwater in good time. Matt was still killing me, or i subconsciously knew i still had over 65 km to go. We climbed up Vasey road, which is a killer climb and Matt turned off, while i continued on to the 8th. Matt thought i was going to go around the corner and call for a ride.

I headed to moonstone, down the 7th and finished off basically riding the mt st louis loop. I was bone dry coming into town, so i stopped at the shop to steal some water, there were a couple of sweet looking cinnamon buns on the counter. I informed the staff they should hide them or they will get consumed if they turned there backs. Not wanting any trouble they offered me one, it was good, I grapped some water and after standing around too long and having my legs stiffen up on me i rode the 10.3 km home(uphill). It was another one of those im not bonked but i'd rather be home at this point rides.

After looking at my powertap file, i also realized it was the most amount of work i've done on a ride. (that i have recorded) i actually beat my old best by over 500kj. I also pushed an impressive amount of watts for duration, i will refrain from getting into details as im told elite racers keep there power data a secret............or maybe they just don't think anyone will care how many watts they push. (yes that was a snap at a certain someone)

.....ok that snap was a good one, in all seriousness i am very open with my ride data, and maybe i will start posting more if thats what people would like to see.

good eats, now watching 7 pounds, its looking good full review later.

Calling in my location to Spak. Mad skills

Matts super secret sunroom.

So good, so good,

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Kylie Case said...

It is the shoes that smell. Your mustache sucks.