Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home sweet home

Well i arrived home early this morning, in time to meet up with group that was heading around lake simcoe, i opted for a shorter route so i could return home and get some more zzz's.

But backing up to yesterdays race, the morning went well for myself, Zach was feeling a little under the weather. I had breakfast with Atkins, Benoit and Lenni and was waiting for Zach to come down to eat but never did. I got back to the room and i could tell he was hurting.

But he got his game face on and we stowed our stuff in Cam's room for the afternoon, and headed down to the race course. We were greated by Jonathan and the west coast Norco crew who had everything all set up and ready to go. Dustin was recruited to feed us Cross country folk.

After a light warm up, for some reason it takes less time to get warmed up when its 30 degress out, i headed to the start line of the 5 lap race. The elite mens field was missing a few contenders, In Zandstar and Glassford who were racing in the rockies, and Gagne who was riding his road bike around Beauce this past week. But Tim Heemskerk was in attendance, so the field was still a good one. With all the other usual suspects, trek boys, widmer, blue boys, Roddi...etc.

I lined up right in the middle and got a good start off the line. My plan was to stay in the top five for the first lap. I settled into third behind Matt and Tim, and rolled through the first half lap together. When we got to the root drop Matt rode it but when Tim jumped off i had to dismount as well, it was my first time running it and it was almost sketchier, and i tripped up and went into the fence on the right hand turn at the bottom. A bit of a gap opened up, but i wasn't too worried. But then i made a error took the wrong line and ended up falling off the trail a bit.

Once i got going again i settled into 6th heading out onto the second lap. My legs also started to feel a little iffy, not as bad as boler, I think the heat was soaking in a bit. Widmer came by and I rode behind him for the next lap. It was smooth consistant pace, and the leaders never really got out of sight. Actually i think Widmer is the new Glassford.

Heading out to the third lap, my legs started to come back around and i went and picked it up a little bit, not trying to drop steph but see how the legs felt. Coming up to the drop i picked it up a bit and gapped him. After the drop and next rooty section i could see Julian and Eric, I started to pick it up a little more and i got some momentum going on the road/sidewalk section and went by. I had good speed going at this point and started rolling the course pretty good.

I could see Tim and Matt attacking each other, but not really getting much time on me, again after the root drop and following section i was on Tim pretty quick and he pulled over and told me to go win it. By the end of the 4th i was on Matt and went by lapping through.

After the feedzone i left it in my big ring and put my singlespeed legs to the test. I punched the next couple climbs and i opened up a gap. I knew i had 20 minutes left so i just made myself hurt on each climb. I opted to run the drop on the last lap again just didn't make sense to risk crashing myself out. Also when i lapped through i though i heard the announcer say, "Cam you only have a lap left" so i thought the Jet was coming up from behind. I kept the pressure on right till the end, until about 200 meters to go and i knew i had it. I was able to enjoy the finish line stretch. Jonathan was there to great me, it was nice to get a good result for those guys who drove a long way out from Vancouver to the race.

Turns out Cam wasn't right behind me, and i must have imagend it to get myself going.

After a couple interviews edmonton journal article with a good pic of Zach. I got changed and ready for the podium, where i also got a nice new leaders jersey.

Catherine finished a solid 4th, Zach pushed through and finished.

After getting cleaned up we headed to the pizza royale for dinner, it was good eats but it was like 30 degrees in the place. I stopped at Starbucks for an americano and on the way backed we bumped into Kevin the head commisaire, we chatted for a while and laps came up. (i didn't bring it up for the record) He said they needed to drop the juniors and womens laps and that it didn't make sense to not drop the mens. they thought, but eh, the organizers and officials did a great job with the course and keeping the trail clear which in an urban park is difficult to say the least. I would definelty go back again.

Cam's mother offered to give us a ride to the airpot which helped out a ton.

We got charged for our oversize luggage first time on westjet i have ever been charged, now i have no reason not to at least look at Air Canada. Zach had some issues getting through security i was pretty sure at one point he was going to get strip searched.

now just watching the The Thomas Crown affair, awesome movie.

"I heard they put something in tim hortons coffee thats addictive"

"yeah its called Caffeine"

Oh yeah and i saw Lori -Anne Muenzer at United Cycle, Zach didn't believe it was her.

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Steve Neal Performance Development said...

Way to go watson very proud of this race result for you, I enjoyed the video of you running.

I also appologize for not listing you as a strong contender in my video ... i know you noticed :) I assure you that you are a guy 'like derek or adam'

also screw you on the lake

and stef has spent time with me ... he hates my half wheeling (which is actually steady pace )

that is all

oh also colorado springs is pretty neat place