Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fast, fast and Fast

Friday i did a mtb ride around the local trails, which are getting ridden in pretty well, and you can start to carry some speed through. Follwed by a nice sit down to watch Caprica, the pilot/first episode of the new tv series written by the creators of Battlestar. Which centers in on the twelve colonies 58 years before the holocaust. A prequel so to speak but with a much different tone and style. It was amazing, i dare say it think this series could top BSG. Being based on a planet, Caprica, and not lost in space on a battlestar i think it will draw in a lot more viewers. Take the best things about bsg in regards to the morality of artificial intelegence, and what is real and not. And thats the essence of the show. If you liked I robot, BSG, Blade Runner, then you'll enjoy this. Two Thumbs up.

Saturday i did a nice road ride out into oro and back with some intensity to open up the legs for todays competition in London at Boler Mtn.

This morning i woke up at 6:30 to get my steal cut oats going and fill my bottles. After all that i loaded up the Mazda for a solo drive down to London. I made a starbucks stop and i was on the hwy. I set it on cruise control at a little over the speed limit, but quickly realized i was holding up traffic, so i bumped it up untill i was well over the speed limit and was still getting passed a ton. I thought i was at the indy 401. I made a couple stops for nature breaks, but made good time getting there in under 2.5 hours.

I arrived with good time to get my bike checked over by Kevin who wasn't impressed with my bike lust job. I thought he would take notice of the effort i put into cleaning and shining up the machine. but no. Anyway, everything was dialed, the atmosphere of the race venue was very relaxed and laid back. Not sure if it was just cause we came off three back to back c-cups. But it seemed very low stress.

I was pretty stoked to have a good showdown with Pete, I was sure today was the day, no mechanicals, no crazy bails, just good ole mono a mono.

I was dissapointed to say the least when he didn't appear at the start line. But anyway we started and the start was like always at this race a little sketch, and i immediatly found myslef getting nascared left and right. Mainly due to my own poor positioning. I know how hard it is to pass on this course so i spent a bullet moving back to the top 5 before the singletrack. And sure enough that was as far as i was going. Jacob took the lead and held off the rest of the field for a while. Eventually getting swepped up. On an open section i made a couple more passes and moved up to third, behind the Jet and Zach Winn. I didn't pre-ride so i wasn't too sure where i was going and on a tricky beach right hander Zach and i made contact. But rubbings racing and we both carried on. I knew the race was going to be short in the 1:45 range. Definetley a weakness, so i really wanted to test myself to see if i could have that speed. I took charge and moved to the front, my glory was almost short lived as i ran into difficulty negoiating a reducing radius right hander, which actually Zach hit two years ago and i believe i had a good chuckle at. Anyway, i held onto the lead and even opened it up in the next couple sections heading out to the second lap.

Once i started hitting the climbs on the second my legs started resisiting, and were starting to scream at me to go back to my 2 hour pace. Its funny, but that extra 20 mintues can really make a difference in my pacing. Not wanting to completly blow and go completly backwards i backed off and just started to roll throught stuff. By the end of the second lap i was in second and being chased hard by Coach Garrigan, and Kinsie(newly appointent to the Canada summer games team, props)

Going out onto the third lap it was damage control, try to recover and just hold onto second. About halway through my legs started to come back around and accept the pace i was trying to ride. I started cranking out some short steep climbs, and found myself rolling through the fast course well.

For the next two laps every climb i hit i felt a little better, i was riding the big ring a little more and i knew my lap times were coming down. I pushed it right to the line and finished 7 seconds off first. I'm pretty happy with the way the legs felt at the end i just need them to stay that way for the middle of the race. I had plenty of gas left in the tank, just need a couple more shorter races to get it dialed.

After getting cleaned up i headed out to dinner with Jer, Tammy, Shane, Matt, Lee, Brendan, and girlfriends. it was good to sit down and eat a nice meal before hitting the road for the 2 hour plus drive home.

We decided we should race home, i lost big time, im pretty sure i was the last one home. Now im chillin watching Kill Bill Vol. 2,

i really need to carry around a note pad for all the one liners, but i can never remember them

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Brandon Parker said...

I stopped for some coffee just out side of london, and once I was back on the road I caught shane...he decided to keep up with me, we went back and forth all the way to barrie, smoked jer, and matt was probably home before I hit toronto doing his normal 300km/h pace.