Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can't think of a title

so monday, i woke up pretty sore in many areas. Which, in a way, is better than waking up really sore in one spot. I can't even remember what i did Monday couldn't have been very exciting, but in the afternoon we had some family over where my mom started speaking German like it was nothing. If i ever need to hire someone to go to germany or austria i may have found my translator. After eating some more birthday cake i ducked out at 7 to head out to midhurst for the mtb ride. Which was good, we were able to ride till after 9 without any lights and Molly only nascared me once by taking a solid shortcut.

Tuesday still a little sore but thought i would head down to Coulson in the morning to get a little time on the MTB, the legs are still a little fatigued, but i my arms and shoulders were killing me after only an hour, i cut it a little short in favour of more time on the road bike in the evening.

In the evening i rode over to sunnidale for the ride. It was sunny but pretty chilly so i wasn't surprised to see the small turnout. The pace was really good, somehow we managed to stay all together on the climb up bidwell. Only to start having flat after flat right after. We continued on and in the run into town on ridge road Nigels tire went too, it was really getting chilly and a little dark so most of the group opted to finish up. Which was good as ridge isn't a great road to have people stopped on.

Everyone was a little chilly and it was getting late so we all opted to skip the coffee. Nigel and I rode to the South end to finish up a good ride.

Today i woke up and after a solid breakfast i headed out for a long road ride. I headed up to moonstone, peter street area and back down the 7th line. I hit some new pavement and got some good climbs in. I felt good for the first long ride in a while. I was a little hungry by the end but didn't bonk which was good.

This evening we had my third birthday dinner, even im getting tired of it. It was good except the waiter was a little different, he started randomly talking about being drunk at the Jays gam

Tommorow, im going to get some stuff done in the AM and early afternoon before heading out to the TT in Oro. Im aiming to better my PB, ill keep you posted on that.

"thats why i hate Yoga pants you can't tell your gaining weight they just keep stretching and you don't notice."

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