Wednesday, June 24, 2009

call sign "awesome"

So, backing up to monday, i chilled most of the day, got some cleaning and oganizing done. Answered some e-mails, got some good stories from the 24 hour at Albion then headed out for a ride at the 8th, with the usual suspects. And yes if you read Matts blog, i may have made a comment at a bad time. I was just trying to sound like a coach, my old coach always hated it when i said "I can't" when Tammy let it slip, we were on a pretty tough sandy climb, and yes i was shifitng down as i said it. Also causing Scott to have to dismount. It really does frack everything up when people show up with gears on a singlespeed ride. Post ride smash talk as usual.

Tuesday, in the afternoon i had a dentists appointment where i was informed my jaw was wacky and i was grinding my teeth down. Wicked. i may need to sleep with a "device" anyways, i got home and had dinner with Terri who is back from the artic, but didn't bring me a husky/wolf puppy like i wanted. But it was nice to see her i guess. I then got suited up for mt st louis round 2. we had such a good ride last week it was decided to give it another go. Another good ride. Coming in Astro, Shane and JD were wispering like a bunch of school girls, so i knew they were planning the old shanty bay sign sprint/just keep going maneuver. I promised myself i wouldn't sprint and i didn't but i never said i wasn't going to go fast. I rode up to them, and together we distanced the befuttled group. After the bridge i just sat on the rest of the way and just rode in without sprinting (it was tough)

Today, i got a call from the A Channel wanting to do a segment, i was wondering if it was going to be another athlete of the week thing. Just before leaving the diswasher repair man comes and knocks on my door, it kinda freaked me out. He recognized my car and was just saying hi apparently. After some cell phone guidence Katherine was able to find me at the 8th line trails. It went well she asked good questions, even if i wasn't giving great answers, some of the questions are so vague i could have talked for 30 minutes. But i tired to keep it short and concise. But im pretty sure its safe to say i do not have a carrer in journalism. It was her last day before taking a job with TSN so she was in a good mood and joked around a fair bit, even getting me to take some picture of her pretending to use her camera. And sure enough it was another athlete of the week thing. After all that i got a good ride all around there.

After getting changed, i headed to Orillia to meet mother who really wanted to see the snowbirds. Also to see the canadian air force precision flying squad i forget what there called. (dude i am so funny) We got some prime real estate, set up and were soon encompassed by all shapes and sizes of people. This one women sat down right at my feet, seriously i thought she wanted a back rub or something. My bubble felt very violated.

The show started 1 minute late, so much for military precision, with an lone f-18 comeing in from behind to freak out the crowd, my mom almost broke my arm, it actually still hurts, im not kidding all that gardening makes her pretty strong. Anyways, this was the highlight of the show, that thing was insane, i almost couldn't believe what he(or she) was able to do in it. I didn't think to bring my camera as i thought they would be flying pretty far away and i wouldn't get any good shots. i was wrong, the thing flew way closer than i thought it would. After that pilot left and the 9 little planes showed up i lost all interest. After watching a documentary on how they do that stuff, and how far apart they actually are when they do the flybys i lost interest. Not to mention all the little kids around me were kinda distracting, whenever they saw a plane they would yell "look a plane". I know im a party pooper and maybe when i have kids it will be cute.

drove home, now im home, its still hot i love it, long ride tommorow, hope to get a couple in before next weekend.


Brandon Parker said...

Andrew Watson-MIA from the WNWSSC

Tammy said...

alright... no more "i can'ts" if you start showing up on your single speed :-))

Jacob said...

"and all the little kids around me were distracting" hahaha