Saturday, May 2, 2009

"thank you, Thank you"

Thats what my legs were saying upon waking friday morning. The old stair test went well and i knew i'd get a solid day in. I loaded up the Mazda, and drove to the bottom of pretty river road. I know what your thinking, how not green am i driving my car to ride my bike. And i can't deny it. At least im not driving a hummer. Its not my fault that the glaciers couldn't leave a sweet 7.5km 15-20 minute climb closer to Barrie. So yes i feel guilty so you can lay off.

I got dressed and did a nice warmup on the flat roads around Duntron. I hit the climb marking out a nice start spot, and riding a nice tempo, with some efforts on the pitches to finish around 16 minutes and change. From my start spot to finish line in Rob Roy, it climbs 780 feet(some day ill figure out how to take screen shots and post them) , later in the summer i think ill turn left and keep climbing and make it an even 1000 foot climb. But for now ill keep it the same for a little while. I did three climbs up and three fun decents down. My bike was making some really loud squeaky noises that sounded like a noisy bb shell. It was actually driving me a bit nuts, and i was trying to figure out what to do if i couldn't fix it. If i showed up Sunday with a bike making that kind of noise im sure i'd be ridden into a ditch.

The bike, a Norco CRR was a beauty on the climb, the decendig took a little getting used to. With the lightweight alloy frame, it doesn't quite carve through the turns. It takes more of a countersteering technique, but once you get it dialed its a great nimble descender.

After a solid cooldown and some good eats i headed back home. The weather was fairly nice, i was able to get some sun on my legs, for a change but if i wasn't doing some solid efforts i would have been a little chilly.

When i got home i got to work trying to diagnose the noise, i worked my way out from the BB, trying to isolate the noise, eventualy figureing out it was my rear wheel. Once i got it figured out all it took was a little servicing, and voila quiet as a tv on mute. ( i couldn't think of anything else)

For dinner i had my favourite dish, pita pizza's, with the added bonus of some wild leeks freshly picked that you could smell through the tupperware, through the fridge, through the front door and down that street. They were so good.

This morning my legs felt even better after having all the carbon blown out yesterday. I got ready to head into the bluffs to kill some short steep punchy climbs on the new hardtail. so Granola if you see someone riding around on kenda karma's it was me. If you could back track me to my house then i'd be super impressed and mantracker would have nothing on you.

After riding some of the fresh singletrack thats being cut, i started riding a loop that has three punchy climbs on it. The rain started to come down a little which was nice to cool me off a little. The legs responded well, i can feel them starting to come around. i know i can ride a high tempo till the cows come home but its time to get my gearbox tuned up.

Tomorow is going to be another good workout as i head over to Dundalk for the first interclub race. Its an Australian pursuit event, 5 groups start staggered with the beginners, chill riders, off first, each group is slightly faster than the previous, and the time gaps narrow. The idea being to work together to catch the group (s) in front of your group. Thats the idea at least and on most courses it works out well. But for some reason the Dundalk course always blows the groups apart. Its pretty flat, but the winds are usually howling pretty good. And the differences in fitness vary a little more early in the season.

Two years ago, i attended this race and thought I was tough stuff and joined into group 5 or the scratch group. Well that was a mistake, imagine Rasmussen in a group of four others including, Jens voight, Backstedt, Cancellara, and Robbie Mcewen. Guess which one would get dropped first. The start was straight into a wind, and before the first corner i actually set a new 6 min power record then got popped off. So im going to opt for group 4 this time around.

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