Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rods and Cones

Sunday: Race day, now im typing this up on Wednesday night after a couple glasses of Australian Red vino, so my recollection of the past couple days may or may not be great. Well anyway, this is what I can remember from race day.

After having a solid breakfast we all headed down to the course team style. After a good warmup, we headed to the start line only to be told it was delayed 20 minutes, so we headed back to the trailer to smash talk and get re pumped for the start.
The usual canada cup suspects were all in attendance. Sticking to my pre race plan, I started conservatively not sure how my legs would feel, the first two laps I rode at the tail end of a little group of four. While the leaders charged ahead and opened up a gap pretty quickly. I was pretty patient and on the third lap I cranked it up a notch, I rode off the front off the group and focused on staying smooth over the many roots the course had to offer. I was really digging the hardtail as I was able to "scooch" around roots and rocks really well. I started to reel in a few riders, but I still wasn’t exactly sure where I was in the field. I kept the pressure on and maintain my lap times. By the end of the 5th lap I was passed quite a few riders. I figured I was in the top 5, which I was happy with. When I got to the top of the climb on the 6th and final lap I was pretty happy, all that was left was to ride the decent safely and get into the finish.
I was greeted by Matt P who unfortunatly was pulled, ill pass on my rant for now, he informed I was 2nd which satisfied me. Zandstra bested me my 2 mins ish. After getting changed I headed to the podium where I got my first real trophy in about 13 years. I was pretty stoked.
Other team results include a third for Catherine Vipond, Caroline Villeneuve in 7th. Stu Alp was 22nd, Zach Huges 32nd in his first senior elite canada cup, And Matt P rounded out a nice 39th,
As we headed out for dinner, Stu started to feel a little sore in his left leg, even some ice from the cute waitress didn’t help and by morning his leg looked like a sausage.
A big thanks to Kevin Haviland and Casey for feeding and taking care of use during the race.

Monday: after packing and cleaning we headed to the Baie st Paul ER. Unfortunatly they shut it down for lunch, which I don’t get but whatever. Stu had a couple x-rays and got some prescriptions, and we where outa there by 6 ish and headed back towards montreal. We stopped in a slightly nicer motel this time, and all had a very comfortable nights sleep.

Tuesday: After some good eats in the A.M. we were on the road and heading to St Jerome to set up a bike demo at a local Tuesday night race series. Stu also headed to the ER again to try and get some ultrasounds done on his leg, but I think his being a foreigner didn’t help and we got turned away.
The demo went well, Matt Zach, and I jumped in the race with a couple other senior elites, who absolutly destroyed the start. Zach managed to fight his way up to the lead and stayed there for a lap of the pretty technical loop. Matt and I hung back and just worked our way through the guys slowly. The crazy this was we started at 7:40 and they sent us out for an hour long race. But at the end of the third lap they pulled us in. After almost hitting every tree out there I was going to pack it in anyway. If the day ever comes that nationals start at dusk and finish at night, the riders from the independant nation of quebec will destroy all of us.
We got loaded up and drove the rest of the way to tremblant and settled into our wicked palace here.

Wednesday: after a couple long days on the road we all had a good sleep in. After waking up my morning went downhill pretty quick, I wanted to take a quick shower before breakfast, but I couldn’t figure out how the frack to turn the shower on. I sat there for 20 minutes, and could not get it to work. I settled for a bath/shower and then got out to find there were no towels. I was pretty grumpy at this point.
But after a good breakfast, I was feeling better. I also found out the trick to turn on the shower which is really messed up.
We killed the grocery store and headed back to the place. After a quick spot of lunch and late afternoon espresso I headed out for a 90 minuted ride of the bike paths and trails.
Good dinner, now, again, I am tired and my "roomies" want to go to bed so im going to call it a night.

I have internet now so ill get this updated more frequently.

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