Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick update

Just found some internet, but its only updated to saturday, ill try to get some sunday/monday stuff up soon,

its been an eventful trip, a good race, today was spent at the baie st paul Hospitol with Stu who kinda wrecked himself yesterday, more on that later.

Blog day 1:

After doing a solid endurance ride in the am, and after some excitement which included calling 911 for a certain forrest being set on fire by a certain group of young students from a certain high school. (Bear creek). I was on my way to Woodbridge for a 2 p.m. departure for the independent nation of Quebec.

I was somehow recruited to do some heavy lifting around the warehouse. Once Stu, Zach, Kevin and myself got loaded up at around 6, we were on our way to pick up Matt in Oshawa.

We were mostly eager to pick Matt up since he had some delicious fresh turkey sandwiches and rice krispy squares with him. The next excitement came when we started playing the gas game, seeing how long we could go without filling up the truck with diesel. And with a couple of gas stations along the 401 closed for rebuilding we were left relying on the gps, and my own instincts. I made some quick decisions and basically coasted into a Sunoco in Cornwall.

After that it was smooth sailing straight through Montreal, and then we decided to call it a night. It was past midnight so again it was on me to find us some suitable accommodation. We headed into Joliet, which I believe has some prisons, I choose the Motel Bonsoirs. It was awesome, two beds almost enough room for a blowup mattress,

I wasn’t going to be picky, I just wanted to get some sleep, after putting on a protective layer of clothing I settled in for a good nights sleep.

Day 2:

We awoke at 8 ish and vacated the premises pretty quickly, with the next stop a nice roadside diner for breakfast, somehow Stu who has never been to Quebec spoke the best french and translated that I wanted two eggs and two pieces of french toast. It was a big problem which got worked out.

It was another 4 ish hours to Baie St. Paul, and we arrived at the quaint accommodation. Its very clean, very nice, but the floors are on a solid 3-4 degree angle, but there are lots of beds and room for everyone to spread out. After the cloose quarters last night it was nice.

After some good shopping at the crazy IGA, where I was able to secure a couple liters of coffee yoghurt, we were back home to make some “homewreckers” and awesome burrito esque, meal.

The rain started and it took some mustering to get out the door for a ride. Stu, Zach and I headed to try and find a shortcut to the course. Turns out we are staying basically right at the top of it. It took about 2 minutes to get on course. And we were ripping around. Well I was just spinning Stu was on a mission, head down missing turns.

After a visit to the very creepy crawlspace to find the hose turn on valve, which was unsuccessful, we washed the bikes,

Now im tired, and im going to make my bed.

Day 3:

So today started with an awesome breakfast prepared by Stu. After some quick bike adjustments I headed down to turn some laps of the course. It went well it was my first solid pre ride of the year. I did a couple solid laps, then a race pace lap. I was a little miffed when It only took 16 ish minutes to turn a lap. I was ready to unleash on some organizers, but then I rode a lap with Matt and realized I had missed an entire loop with the awesome marking they did on the course. I think its still a pretty quick loop but its solid.

After coming home having a good sandwhich and having a really solid nap in my bedroom aka the living room. Only to be awoken by the tornado that is Stu and Zach coming in from there ride. Not wanting to sleep to much I got up and headed down to the site to get signed in. Again I had too cause problems at registration when Stu and Zach paid less today than I did two weeks ago. Quickly we realized it was a mistake and they didn’t pay enough. Stu and Zach booked it out quick.

We set up the Norco compound and headed back to prepare dinner, which took us about 2 hours to eat, it was awesome, rice, fish, sweet potato’s, salad, red wine.

It seems I am becoming the grumpy old man on the team. After making a snap about them eating before dinner.

Now, I am again tired and feeling the need to hit the sack.

“How did that work out for you”

“well I got mono”

Day 4: Still no internet, its been a tough go for some of the guys, Matt is starting to get the shakes from withdrawal. I’m doing pretty good, its nice to get away from the computer for a while or at least use it for pure business purposes such as typing up reports for the blog or looking at the days HR data. I’ve also gotten a fair ways into Alice in Wonderland, pretty crazy stuff.

Thinking we could ride till noon, we again had a multiple hour breakfast, before Kevin called and said we only had till 11:00. There was a Quebec cup Time trial on the course today. So I booked it down, I really only wanted to ride the start loop to ensure there were no big surprises. I got there at 10:30 and was stopped by the officials saying the course was closed, I asked if It wasn’t open till 11. They said yes the course was open till 11. But then said that the course was closed. (meanwhile a bunch of riders from a certain province seemed to be able to go out on the course.)

I bit my tongue and made a little detour around the start area, and was on the start loop in no time. It’s pretty straight forward. It starts to narrow pretty quick. I finished that off and went for a couple intervals on the road before chilling in the Norco compound. Its pretty pro looking now, with a bunch of new tents and panels. We all commented that we need to represent even better now. Since we have the most “stoked”

Now, just chilling in the house, doing some laundry, and a little kitchen cleanup after the tornado twins.

The plan for tomorrow, since this won’t get posted before the race its no big deal to spill the plan, Start conservatively and build into the race. There is a ton of climbing per lap and we are scheduled for 6. It’s only my third race of the year so I have to be smart about my efforts tomorrow. I really don’t want to find out the hard way I went out to hard.

Its looking like we will get a little rain, the course handles the rain well, the roots will be the tricky part if it’s wet.

K, nap time, I think.

“Hey Andrew do you want to see what I did to my bike this week?”
Ryan Atkins, bike durability expert tester

“so whats MTB racing like”

“well its like putting your hand in a car door, and getting someone to slam it for 2 hrs”

"cross sounds like fun"

"thats like putting both hands in a car door and getting someone to slam it for an hour"

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