Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So monday night was awesome, we showed up and there were about 30 flygirls all hanging out at the trails. They thought we were kinda looney toons, one cause we all parked in the ditch,hey thats what sport wagons are for right? two we were riding at night, which was way out there, and third we were on singlespeeds. The ride was good, Molly kicked all our asses, i have no idea how that dog can run so fast downhills. After commenting on that she totally nascar'd me like some first year u23.

It was also Matts birthday, we gave him some good verbal birthday beats, not wanting physically hurt him.

Tuesday morning i spent giving the Mazda some TLC, a little bubble bath, a window wash, and rain x treatment, followed by a penetraing rim cleaner, and to finish of nice wet looking tire stuff. She looks likes shes off the show room floor.

After a good stretchign session in the afternoon and an early dinner, i headed to the evening ride. I had a good time, but i heard a ton of grumpy people grumbling. When i hit the front a couple km from town i hit the accelerater and guttered it pretty good. Again......k i'm bitting my tongue, i could go on but i won't, it was good ride, could it be better yes, but again im bitting my tongue.

This morning i helped in the backyard making some micro adjustments to some hanging baskets. There is a scene from The Wrestler, were he's working in the Deli, and the women keeps asking for more then less potato salad. Until it was exaclty 1/2 pound(or somethign like that) anways, ill just say i totally understand why he lost it and put his hand in the meat slicer. A little higher.......a little low...

Once the baskets were laser and gps checked, I headed to the mall to do a little shopping. I don't go shopping very often but when i do, i don't mess around, its fast and its furious, I pilaged the sale racks at sport check, as well as the two for one shoe racks, in 22 minutes i basically have a new wardrobe. I cruised around a little more, and i noticed i must be shrinking or clothes are getting bigger cause, im too the point where i was looking in the youth boys section for certain items.

Now im home, and getting ready to header down to Coulson hill to take on the wednesday night race there. Thinking back im pretty sure the last time i raced there was sept 11th 2001. (it was on tuesdays back then) Anyways thats where it all started for a young 13 year old in 1996 who thought it would be a brilliant idea to race a bicycle through the woods. I remember lining up parrallel to the 400 with 75 other guys wondering what the frack i was doing there. And the tree I stopped at every lap to take a breather is still there too.

Kevin is setting up a bit of a Norco demo night there so i jumped at the oppourtunity to take part. I know there are some fast young whipper snappers from Newmarket that do the race. I really want to hammer the hills so i think it could be some good racing.

"a little higher.....a little lower........a little higher......"

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