Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day festivities

Yesterday im not going to go into a whole lot, i drove down to Albion in a crazy rainstorm, it let up a bit, i rode a lap, and was not feeling the love. Then i drove home in a crazy rainstorm, to get re-centered.

The high note from yesterday was clearing walmart out of 50 cent, powergels.

On to today, this morning i awoke and got my mothers day present unhidden, i know my mom looked but it was hidden well. I then had a feast of slow cook oats and kicking horse coffee, then got loaded up and headed down the 400, but not before stopping at Starbucks for an americano.

The weather was chilly but at least the sun was shining. When i arrived i was not surprised to see tons of muddy people/bikes, as it looked like the course didn't dry out at all. After settling in to the norco setup, before long it was time to get dressed and get the warmup going. I was again not feeling the love from my legs warming up. I rolled to the start line and was happy to see two returning riders from the southland, Ben Dawson and Zach Winn. After giving Ben a hug and Zach a nice hello. i was called up to the front of a stampeding hoard of u-23's and Juniors all out to qualify for the canada summer games. Not to mention everyone trying to win it for there mothers.

I was 100 % focused on getting a good start, when Adam (chico) said go, i was outta there, Zandstar took the lead and i was quick to settle in. I think we even opened up a little gap. I was just happy to be into the singletrack in the top ten. Derock was quick to open a gap, attacking every little climb, i was having none of that sillyness and just road my own pace. When we popped out of the singletrack Morka, and Eric came by and gave chase, i was happy to sit on. It also wasn't long before Pete "the hammer" Glassford showed up.

The first 2/3 thirds of the course were bone dry, fast, and flowy. As soon as we crossed the road to the last 3rd it completely changed to greasy clay mud. This was were my tire choice allowed me to just relax on the climbs and recover a bit. The others were riding "less aggressive" tires. We came up to a Crank shield esq. mud bog, Adam tried to ride it but almost ended up taking a header, Pete and I conceded to the bog and ran through it. We hit a bit of a running section, and i felt right at home getting on and off. I remounted and was able to ride smoothly up the hill with good traction. I made a mental note of that for following laps. We lapped through and i knew it was going to be a long (by modern standards) race.

Peter, Adam and myself rode together till we hit the mud again, When we came to the first mud bog i tried a line up to the right to try and bypass it. I was unsuccesful as it ended in a tree. Peter followed me, and consoled me by saying it was worth a try. I had a stick in my rear mech, so i jumped off again to get it out, by doing so i blocked peter a bit, i apologized but still i think he almost swore at me, one of his grumpier moments in life. We came up to the run up and i used my cross/tire supercombo to open a bt of a gap. I'd be lying if i said i didn't punch it a bit. I rolled through the lap with a bit of a gap, thinking if i could make them work a little harder to catch me then keep doing that maybe i could wear them down.

But as i started the third lap, my legs felt a little heavy and i lost all power on the flat fast sections. It wasn't long before Peter was on my wheel. He came by and i jumped on, i was able to hang with him untill a bit of a climb before the muddy stuff, but he laid down a solid Glassford attack.

A Glassford attack, is basically Peters nice way of dropping someone, he speeds up but not all at once. Its a gradual build, which allows the attacke, to feel not so bad about themselves.

A Zach attack, by contrast, is all out trying to rip your legs off, hateful, vengeful, anger driven effort meant to shut the person down on the inside as well as on the outside. I also checked, and a though a zach attack is most effective in the first 15 minutes of a race, it is by no means limited to that.

Back to lap 3, i was off in no mans land, even on the muddy climbs and running sections i was only able to keep him in sight.

By the start of lap 4 i was really starting to feel not awesome. My energy was good but my legs felt like cinderblocks. I tried to keep my rpm high. Adam came up and before long went by. I put it onto damage control, and was just waiting for a train of u-23's to come flying by for there last (meaningful) lap. The mud section i again felt right at home. we really started lapping a lot of people. The course was long but it really wore people down and the fitness differential is exagereated on tougher courses. So at the top of one of the run ups, i catch up to Matt
who, was doing some sort of adjustments, it made me feel uneasy and im glad there were no young children around.

Coming through for my last lap, i hit my lap button, and said the hell with it, i can make myself hurt for another 28 minutes. If i blow i blow. I put it in the big ring and started punching the climbs. I started to feel not to bad and new i would be able to hold on for 4th. Once i hit the mud, i relaxed and new the end was near. My last lap was 40 seconds faster than my 4th so i was happy with that.

But i again failed to make the top three at Albion. grrrr.

After helping to pack up the Norco site i headed home to spend some couch time with Starbuck who i haven't spent much time with this week.

Now, im sitting here enjoying a lakeport honey lager, that i was sure to get before sitting down.

im supposed to add some links to some other peoples blogs but im too tired maybe tomorrow.

Its also looking like ill be seeing star trek tommorow. then outa here wednesday for the first big race of the year, Baie St Paul.

"Wow, your gift was so much better than your brothers, your my favourite son"
(thats what i heard at least)

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this is a great race report!

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