Monday, May 11, 2009

Links as promised

I keep meaning to add some links to some others blogs, here are three of my favs,

First is Peter Glassford's , Peter is pretty much the most balanced person I know, hes a racer, coach, weakly race series co-organizer/organizer (i don't know the exact position) and probably still finds time to volunteer at hospitals and such.

Next is Kyle Frys , it used to be one of my favourites, but i'd be lying if i said he wasn't slacking lately. Kyle is another bicycle racer, who mixes up some road, mtb, and cross into his season. Trying to find himself i guess.

Third, Matt Spak, 24 hr solo "specialist", but he also runs his own business. Another goal of his is to upgrade to senior elite from expert. 4 laps is just too short for him i guess.


Kyle Fry said...

unreal photo. where did u pick it up?

Matt Spak said...

I was thinking more 24 hour special ed.