Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Into the breach

So, im going to try and make this a quick post (yeah i know, im funny) yesterday, i just relaxed and got all cleaned up after the wet weekend, A couple loads of laundry, and a solid bike wash and i'm good to again this weekend.

Monday night, i headed out for a bit to eat at BP's, with the first person who hated the moustache, then packed into a theatre full of trekkies for the new Star Trek film. Very good, better than i expected. I think true die hard trek fans will be a little grumpy with it. As it at times even makes fun of the original franchise. Now i never watched any of the original series, but im a fan of the feature length films. The story was good, the acting was very good. With Karl Urban nailing McCoy, he takes the cake as the closest to the original character. Quinto takes a close second as Spock, which isn't a huge departure from Sylar from heroes. Chris Pine, basically made his own Kirk i think. Im rambling, its good. My friend had never seen a star trek episode or anything and she loved it.

Today, i spent mostly packing and getting organized for the trip to quebec tommorow (wed) i also got out to chapters to pick up a couple books. This evening i headed out with the tuesday night ride, it was a great ride, smooth roads, nice steady pace, perfect for spinning the legs out. I used the finish just to simulate a little budget motor pacing jumping on a few wheels with 6 foot plus guys to get the leg speed up.

Ill try to keep things updated, but finding good wi fi, can be tricky in the nation of quebec.

k, hitting the hay, up early to get a good ride in before leaving.

"Live long and Prosper"
Leonard Nemoy

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