Friday, May 8, 2009


Wednesday evening was a blast, other than it was a little on the chilly side, it was a good time. Matt Paziuk and I hung out at the Norco trailer for a while, just making things look legit. We did a cople quick laps, the course was insanly fast, like out of the big ring maybe once or twice a lap.

The start was actually across the road, then into the trails, we used to line up about ten feet away from the singletrack and just gave er. It was pretty aggresive,(every start seems to be aggresive for me these days) With Matt almost hitting two parking cones used to mark out the start. He took the lead and i settled into 4th. We were set to do 4 laps of the 12-13 minute lap.

just found this (click "this" to see it) page from the organizing shop in newmarket.

back to the race. Steve Prosser, from sutton jumped on Matt pretty quick and i settled in behind local, young rider i thought i'd just relax and let my muscle memory take me around the course, i was impressed when the youngin started gaping me in MY singletrack, turns out he lives right near the course and has spent a little more time there the past couple years than me.

Matt was out for blood and laid down a nice "glassford" attack on the long climb back to the start area. I moved to third and made my way onto Prosser, where i settled in and rode through the lap with. I passed him out of the berm and pinned it on the 400 section. And headed out after Paziuk, it took 3/4 of a lap to get up to him, but i eventually did. He again started to hammer the climbs, and i knew he wasn't messing around tonight. I rode on his wheel, which gave me flashbacks to crank the shield when i kept blowing up at the end of the stages and had to hang onto his wheel. Early in the third lap i punched a couple of the climbs, and then laid down a massive "Zach" attack on the long climb to open up a nice gap.
I burned through the rest of the 3rd lap, having more fun racing a bike than i've had in a while. The fourth lap i settled down and negotiated my way through some lapped traffic. And finished up feeling good, it was the first time i've raced a hardtail since 2004, (fully rigid singlespeed excluded) it felt good, definelty takes a little more energy and concentration in some sections, but im digging it.

After assisiting kevin in taking down the demo setup, i headed back home to get some good zzzz. Totally forgetting Lost was on, which i had to watch on tape at 10, but it was worth it, that show just doesn't stop getting better.

Yesterday, i headed out for a nice steady solo endurance ride. I headed up horseshoe way sticking to the smoother roads in Oro, at the top i bumped into Tuesday night worlds winner Peter, and rode back into town with him. Of course i had to stop in at the shop to show off my new norco road bike. They tried to hide it but they were very jealous.

I got home had some good eats then headed out to buy my birthday present, a new 75-300mm zoom lens for my camera. which brings me to another good one, so i go to Henrys in the bayfield mall, and ask if they do price matching as i noticed future shop had it on for 25 dollars less. The employee was nice and said sure no problem she just needed to confirm that it was in stock. I said they barrie doesn't have them but orillia does, as the future shop website said, but she insisted on calling to double check. So while shes on hold a couple customers walk in and up to the counter, don't get any help and leave. Then she has to call orillia and again, shes sitting there on hold while customers are coming in and out. Over 25 dollars, that in the end she knew i was going to get, now i don't have a business degree or anything, but im thinking there must be a better way to handle that kind of thing.

With the lens in hand i jetted out to Oro to snap some shots of the TT, 6 brave riders came out in the threatening conditions to give it a go. The lens was wicked but i need some more pratice. People come up quick, i managed to get a couple good shots,

the race was very close, with the top 4 riders all within a few seconds. And the rain held off for the TT.
Today, i headed to Orillia for Mothers day lunch at 1, but not before going to every garden center between Barrie and Orillia. It was a massive feast, im going to start ordering kids meals at restaurants i can't handle the portions they serve now.
After getting home i parted ways with the family, they went to Georgian Downs to donate some money and i grabbed some golf clubs and headed to the driving range. I only brought my wedge, 7 iron and big driver. After a couple so so shots, i actually found a bit of a groove and started hitting the clubs the way they should be hit, the driver was going nice and straight, and the 7 iron and the wedge were getting some height to them. Ive always been told to look at the ball, but i found that if i looked two inches behind the ball, i was hitting them nicely. After finishing up in the rain, im back home now with the feet up about to watch the curious case of benjamin button.
full report to follow, tomorrow im heading down to pick up my bike and turn a few laps of Albion. The race is sunday which has always been a rough one for me, there is just something about that place, i can't find my "swing" there. I've never managed a top three there, we'll see, i need to chat with the coach to see what the strategy is.
"I could have killed you"
Matt Damon
"i figured by the way you were hitting those balls, i was pretty safe right in front of you"
Will Smith, Legend of Bagger Vance


Jacob said...

i believe a "zach" attack is only in the first 5 minutes of the race.

Kyle Fry said...

where was the race?

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

1) wednesday night races @ king ... frig

2) certainly your zach attack was too late

3) i put your link on my blog all in caps, the significance of which is up for your interpretation.