Thursday, May 21, 2009

Early bird

Usually im the last one out of bed, but this morning i wanted to get all my stuff done in the morning so i could just relax, and get my legs up this afternoon. Since Leaving BSP its been pretty non stop, i haven't even opened up Alice in wonderland in a couple days.

I got up at 6:45 and beat the kitchen rush to have a very solid breakfast. I also installed some cleats in my new Shimano shoes that arrived yesterday. My goal was to get out the door before Paziuk was awake, i just missed out.

I headed out on the road loop around lake superior that i like to do every year. The course was open, but i needed to get some hours in my legs. It was a awesome day, it was my second ride of the year in shorts, so i think i may have even gotten a bit of a tan. I finished off with a little tempo at the end to open the legs up a bit, followed by a good leg soaking in the chilly Devil river.

I arrived back at 11 ish and got all cleaned had lunch, shaved my face,(no the mustache is still there) and my legs, clipped my finger nails and had my feet up by noon, sweet. The rest of the day i intend to maintain this general position.

I have also updated the posts below with a couple pictures.


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