Friday, May 22, 2009


so, its 4:45 friday afternoon, everything is set to go for the second Canada Cup of the year. I was awake pretty early had a good breakfast, and headed out for a team lap. Followed by my own race pace lap. It went well, im running my small blocks tommorow, which is a first for the season. This race used to be a pretty burly course but every year they just keep putting more and more gravel down, I think they will eventually just pave it.

Post ride, i spent 45 minutes standing in line to register, or i should say say that i was there, cause i already had my plate and was registered. But im staying positive, here.

Matt and I went for a coffee, at a quiet little spot, and had some good chats about various topics. We also had a casual interview with some media, ill try to find the link. ..... here it is, please note the wicked new Ryders Eyewear aviators Matt and I pre-tremblant

But untill then here are some links to a couple videos from last weekend. My interenet is kinda sucky so i haven't seen these.

Matt and Stu

My post race interview, from BSP and yes i messed a few things up (im also a hand talker big time)

Mid race


"im so stoked"


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