Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bells are ringing

So quick recap, thursday i got out for a good endurance ride, i got wet a little bit but nothing major. Then i got yelled at by a diswasher repair man when he drove by in his work truck. Then i headed down to the Bradford/Newmarket area to watch Angels And Demons. I really liked the book, much better than Dan Browns other book that i will not mention the name of. Well i was utterly dissapointed all the things that i loved in the book and wanted to see was left out. I dont' recommend it.

Friday, after a little chat at Starbucks i headed out for an afternoon ride out into Oro. The sun came out and i was able to leave my knee warmers at home. I stopped by the shop to catch up with the fellas after being away for a bit. They were kind enough to show me the ride guide interview i did after the Hardwood Hills canada cup back in 04. Also quick to point out the vast amount of hair i had 5 years ago.

Saturday, i spent most of at the race site turning a couple laps. I attempted a race pace lap but it was next to impossible with the amount of riders on the course. Which i didn't mind at all, but it really pissed me off when people would stop with there bikes across the trail around blind corners. I had my wheel locked up a couple times. And they would give me a dirty look. I also got to see an old friend from mid-canada. She was the manager of a junior expert racer who came to give the easterners a run for their money.

Saturday night we had the Manitoba Duo over for some dinner, before calling it a night and getting a good nights sleep. The race was set for 11:30 so the day was shifted to the early side. It was also my B-day so of course we had to have more cakes then were necesarry.

I got up at 7 to prepare my breaky and bottles. The weather was sunny but on the chilly side. I got loaded up and set out for the site. My car was reading 6 degrees when i pulled in. So again i ask someone to explain global warming to me cause i don't get it. I got riding a little earlier than usual cause it was so freaking cold to stand around. The wind was howling pretty good.

I got lined up, it was still pretty chilly, i was told after the race that i looked nervous and i was shaking. It wasn't nerves it was borderline hypothermia. Swatty sent us off using his typical random start. I got clipped in and was on my way to a good start. The pace on the front wasn't extreme as we had a good headwind and no one wanted to pull to hard. There were lots of buzzing tires. Zach made his way to the lead, i settled in behind him. There was an acceleration going up the first "climb" i got boxed in a bit and found myslef out of the top 5. I pushed hard on the next "climb" and moved into 4th. In the next open section i moved to third.

My legs felt good, loose and fast, we rolled through the first few sections, the pace never really was tested but i was comfortable to just relax and be patient. As we entered coffee run it was nice to just relax and ride smooth. about a third of the way down, on a hard fast left hander i came around the corner and saw a loose fist sized rock right in the middle of the trail. I nailed it pretty hard and they next thing i knew i was laying on the ground. I think i sent the rock into orbit it should return to earth in a couple days. And it felt like i got punched in the head by mike tyson. I rolled off the trail into the bush to collect my thoughts and possibly pass out. I heard a few people ask if i was ok. I mumbled something back along the lines of i was fine. Really i didn't know. It was the hardest hit i have ever taken in a race. I pulled my bike out of the way as well as my bottle to keep from taking someone out. I took off my Helmet to check it quick, it wasn't shattered which was good. I got rolling again with some rules that if i started to feel dizzy or light headed i would pull the plug.

I figured i rejoined in between 25th and 30th. I just followed a couple wheels for a bit to see how i felt. I finished the lap, my balance was a little off in the single track but i felt ok so i kept in it and started to make my way up. My teammate Matt rode up to me to ask if my bike was ok and if i needed anything.(who said it wasn't a team sport) Luckily the Norco EXC 1 didn't take much of the impact. I rolled through the next couple laps picking off a couple guys per lap. I knew i wasn't going to ride back to the top 5, but i was hoping for a top 10 maybe.

Coming through for my last lap my front tire was going down. It was a slow leak so i opted to just get some air. John Hughes pumped me up to 25p.s.i.(ish) in the tech zone, and i was back on it. There were a couple guys in front of me, but i figured it wasn't worth riding it at 15 psi and risk crashing again. Some fatgued started to settle into my legs, but i was able to hold onto 13th till the end.

I have to say thanks to Kevin, John, and Duncan for helping out in the feed and tech zones.

Also to all the riders who took a sec to ask if i was alright.

The day was a big success for the rest of the Ontario contingent sweeping the 4 races again. Also Anna Schappert for pulling out a 2nd in her race. Mith Bailey from Barrie also won his 3rd c-cup of the year,

The team had some struggles but everyone finished strong, Zach who didn't drink enough OJ and was feeling a little under the weather this week finished 21st. Matt, who fired a bullet to ride up to me to see if i needed anything, finished up 45.

On the female side Caroline was 9th and Catherine overcame some things to finish 14th.

this is the A channel segment, which i didn't know was going to be all about me, there were some super solid rides from other B Dotonites.

After heading home for a shower, the Manitoba equivalent to the Norco team's tornado twins, and I headed out to Boston Pizza for a quick bite before they headed out to the airport to head back to the middle.

k this was a little long and im going to put some ice everywhere. somehow the backs of my wrists are scuffed up, i didn't think that was possible.

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