Thursday, April 30, 2009

stir crazy

last i left you i was geting ready for the tuesday night ride, i headed down a little early to grab an americano from casa to get pepped up. The ride was pretty good, we started a little late, i didn't even realize it but after chatting for a while it was 6:10 and we were burning daylight so we got underway. But we had at least 15 people out so a new record for the season after being rained out most of April.

Yesterday i headed out for a nice steady ride south into innisfil. It was nice to get out for a good ride on the new road bike on some smooth roads. The bike fits like a surgical glove and rides like a dream. It was also nice to get a nice steady endurance ride in after the weekend. The weather has been great the past couple days i think i may have even gotten a bit of a tan.

Today was a full day off the bike, first one in a while. i think my legs will thank me heading into the next couple days. In the afternoon i drove down to Woodbridge to pick up my MTB which has been switched over to an exc hardtail. But it will have to wait till saturday to be ridden.

Tommorow im going to head up to pretty river road to do some climbing, hopefully push some serious watts. Not to mention get some sun on my pasty legs, really thats the primary goal.

The hit counter is showing some interesting data, im getting about 50 unique visitors a day, thats about 5 times as many as i thought. So suddenly i feel very self conscious. By far the most readership comes from locally situated readers. But there are some American hits, so i really have to watch what i say about certain american politicians.

I also got some hits from Belgium, some international fans perhaps.....or just a couple of slackers who should be out training on the world cup course this weekend. Either way. This blog is spreading faster than......i was going to say swine flu, but i won't, cause actually it really freaks me out. Im not scared of nuclear bombs, terrorists, weather, people, but little bugs that i can't even see i find terrifying.

"i have a 52 cm cross frameset for sale, if your interested"

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