Friday, April 24, 2009


Before i get busy this weekend i thought i would update till now. Last i left you i was heading out for the thursday night ride. Actually because i said that we had one extra person come out and "enjoy" the ride. We started with six people, but in the first 100 meters of the ride, we lost one to forgotten shoes, and another one to a dura ace 7900 malfunction. So it was left to 4 to hammer it out. I felt pretty good, but a little "flat". I felt a little "heavy". I tried to keep my leg speed up on the downhills to try and get them feeling "lighter" (do you like all the quotations). In the end I played the part of another club rider(no names)...(orrin) and sucked wheel all the way in until past Egon motors, and with about 30 meters to go i snaked by to take the final sprint.

I spun my legs out on the way home, taking a shortcut through the bluffs, i was on the CCX with slicks so it was a little bumpy at 100psi, but i was able to climb almost the whole way home. When i arrived home it was about 5 degrees. Now im not complaining but its been between 0 and 10 for about 2 months now and im really lookign forward to wearing at least knee warmers.

Today i was rewarded with a warm southerly wind. Bringing a nice warm air mass with it. The morning was spent taking starbuck in for her 7 week check up. All is well, except for the hair isn't growing back nearly as fast as i'd like. But all the vet techs seem to really like seeing her and i don't mind seeing them. So it works out well for everyone.

I got the demo Faze all cleaned up and ready to trade for my race bike tomorow morning. After a spot of lunch, i got my golf clubs ready and headed to the driving range. When i arrived i was the only one there where i got a medium bucket, (actually a large cause it goes, small, large, jumbo, for some reason) after totally missing my first tee shot, i settled into a little bit of a rythem. I was glad i was a lone cause i was pretty pitiful. But a few others started to show up with their Ping drivers, which are worth probably more than my cross bike. I was relieved when they were worse than me, they were hitting them maybe 50 yards, when i was smashing them out to 75. I also realised i hit every club the same way. Whether its my wedge or my big driver i hit them 75 -100 yards and 5 feet of the ground. So i think the next time i go golfing im just going to take my putter and 7 iron. But im sticking to my plan of joining the PGA tour.

After picking up some recovery supplies for the weekend I talked my soigneur into driving me south past thornton. Allowing me to spin back. It was a great way to do a recovery ride. 35 km/hr, at 120 ish bpm, and 100-110 rpm. When i got back there was this liquid seemingly coming out of my skin, it kinda freaked me out, but when i realized it was cooling me off a little i thought maybe its normal in warm weather. But my legs felt awesome, very "light" now.

I was really concerned with the forecast for sunday calling for 25 and sun, i think i would have had heat stroke, but luckily it looks like it will be 10 degrees and raining.

Now i'm just going to put my feet up and watch a little nip/tuck on ROD. Before heading to Mainsfield early(ish) tomorow to pre-ride and fine tune my race bike.

"we don't have medium, we have small, large and jumbo"

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velotaku said...

I like how you specified 7900. It is a good thing that scientists proved a matte black finish is more important than function or durability.