Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mixed Bag

Like the title suggests the past few days have been a mix of nice sunny warm weather, or downright nasty snow and/or rain. Not much middle ground. Thursday I headed north to do Awenda, even on the ride itself I was greeted with a real mix of weather. When I started out heading north the sun was out and it was pretty warm. By the time I hit Tiny Beaches road ride on the edge of Georgian Bay the clouds were in full force and the temperature was a little chilly. I got to the park in a little under 3 hours which was good compared to my last solo ride up there where it took 4. There was still tons of snow in the park but the road was dry and clear. When I dumped out onto champlain road, the temperature bottomed out at 4 degrees.

Once I hit baseline road and started heading straight south, I opened up my legs and did a 1000kj burn, at tempo. The sun came out as I made my way towards Barrie. I finished the workout in 1:15 ish and spun into town. I stopped by Fred Grant to maybe hook up with a group ride, but heading out ridge I was feeling the fatigue set in so I turned for home. Definitely a hard ride, but I felt good when I got home. Except for the last climb when I wasn’t blown but I really wished I was home eating. If I had a follow car I probably would have gotten in at that point.
Friday many places in Ontario including Barrie set new records for rainfall. I wasn’t surprised cause it never stopped for more than 24 hours, and I don’t mean drizzle it rained a lot. I took it as a sign and did a spin on the rollers and trail run. The trails are getting pretty clear theres still a little ice here and there but most of the snow is gone.

Yesterday with the promise of some sunshine by 3 or 4, I pushed my hill repeat ride back. Unfortunately the sun never appeared, so I headed out into a nasty wind to hit mapleton a few times. My legs were feeling it when I got home, I got some good eats in and after some stretching I got a good nights sleep.

Today I was awoken by a nice clear blue ski and lots of sun. The morning was a little crisp, I took my time eating a solid breakfast and getting ready, I was on the bike by 11:30 for another hard day. After spinning out to Midhurst I started a long tempo effort that took me out old Barrie road down to ridge road and back to Barrie. I thought I pinch flatted a couple times on ridge but my solid training tires held up well. I was pretty gassed by the time I hit the city limits, and it was nice to just spin home. Riding through the subdivisions I noticed everyone had there BBQ’s out and were grilling up a storm. So when I arrived home my first order of business was to get to the store and pick up my own grilling supplies.

Tommorow with 15 cm of snow in the forecast I’m thinking of heading out for a XC ski. Followed by an easy day Tuesday, before finalizing my plans for the next week or so.

Film review-
I snagged a copy of Bottle Shock, for two reasons, I wasn’t looking for anything too serious and I wanted to see what this Chris Pine chap can do. He plays James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek, and I have high expectations so I needed to get a feeling for what he can do. With Allan Rickman, and Freddy Rodriguez in this film I new it wasn’t going to be bad, and I was right. It was a very good movie. Following a couple of Napa Valley’s wine makers trying to impress the french with there own wines. Almost in the spirit of sideways and equally as educational to myself about how little I know about wine.

"seriously i can't think of anything anymore"

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i figured you were gassed when you didn't even see me ride past you waving. lol