Thursday, April 9, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

With Monday came 48 hours of snow that must of set a record. It was a magical winter wonderland. Even after leaving my snow tires on i was not brave enough to venture up to Oro for a XC ski. So i stuck at home and did a solid snowshoe instead. It was actually a great change from being on the bike for a solid month. mmmmm maybe it should snow once a month in July and August too.

I felt pretty strong on the hills and even caught myself running a little. The only downer was i wasn't able to bring starbuck with me. But she saw me walking out the door with my poles and snowshoes and i thought i heard her heart break, she gave me the saddest look ever.

Tuesday, i scraped off the wax on my skiis and loaded up for a white knuckle drive into the heart of Oro for a ski. I definetly had my hands at 10 and 2. Hwy 400 was a single lane, and the off ramp to doran road was non-existant. Ill tell you something snow tires are no substitue for mass. My Lumina with all season's was way better in the snow than my paperweight of a Mazda. Anyways i made it and got a pretty good ski in, the trail heading out was very soft. I actually fell flat on my face in the first ten feet. I pushed off with my right and foot and my entire ski and boot sunk about 6 inches. It was a real challenge getting going, but once i hit all the loops the trails were a lot firmer. My stomach wasn't giving me much love though even with a couple breaks, it was still bugging me so i cut the ski a little shorter than i would have liked.

Yesterday was a chill day, other than shoveling for almost an hour since the snowblower is all cleaned up and put away. After cleaning up a bit i headed out for some Thai food, not my favourite, and hit the theatre to see Adventureland......not bad. It was a little different than i expected but i enjoyed it.

Today im laying low until later in the afternoon before i head out for some threshold intervals, then meet up for the training ride downtown.

The forecast for the next three days looks good, dry and sunny, so it looks like ill be able to pack the skis and snowshoes away again.

"your so strong...ish"

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