Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just try it, just give me an excuse.

After a solid weekend of riding and racing, i settled into some for preperation for the season. Monday I tacked on some hard hill intervals in the bluffs, i used a climb that was 850 meters long and gained 50 meters, of elevation. I would ususally use a mtb bike but i wasnted to compare how i felt to the previous days effort at paris to ancaster so i used the CCX. I felt pretty good, the workout went well, but i could definelty feel the effort the day before.

oh before i go any further watch this from about 1:15min in. I know shameless self promotion. Actually it worked out well as i got tons of photos taken cause of who i was riding with.

Tuesday in the a.m. i headed out on my fixie on the flatest roads i could find, which can be tough when i ride 15 minutes in any direction i end up going downhill. It felt good to spin the legs at a high rpm. Tuesday evening i headed downtown for the Tuesday night ride, as soon as i pulled in the parking lot it start raining pretty hard, and with the 6 degree temperatures, i made the executive decision to head into second cup instead. Sure enough by 6:30 the skies cleared and the wind dropped and it was a pleasent evening. I also stopped into the Trek store, to see the latest technique of cleaning a bike with bike lust, then bike lust it again. Interesting.

Wednesday was supposed to be chill day but coach changed that into an endurance ride on the MTB. I headed out into some pretty nasty conditions. I stuck to mostly gravel roads, and headed down to cookstown on the rail trail. It was nice to have some good spinning on the Faze 1 to get used to the fit. In cookstown i got a little hail but it didn't last long, and before long i had turned back home. To finish the ride i headed back into the bluffs to try out a loop i want to do for training. Its good three solid climbs, for a total of 150 meters(about 500 feet for my american readers), in about 4 km. I did a couple laps at endurance, dredding when i do them at race pace.

After finishing up on the road to cooldown i got cleaned up and headed to Home Depot. I wanted to go to Canadian Tire cause the checkout girls are cuter, but i was pressured to go to Home Depot instead. The reason was last year we had some nice robins come and lay some eggs which hatched into the cutest little birds that i got kinda attached too, and even named them Larry, Curly, and Moe. But an A-Hole raccoon came and had himself a nice little dinner. I was pretty pissed. I thought surely the robins wouldn't be back again this year but sure enough they showed up and built a nest in about 3 hours.

I knew i had to come up with something to keep the coons at bay so i headed into the depot to see what i could find, the first aisle i walked down the steel stove piping caught my eye. So just try it mr raccoon.

This evening im heading back downtown for the thursday night throwdown, to give the legs something to think about. Its not exactly warm, but the sun is out and feels nice out.
"Vodka Martini"
"Would you like that shaken or stirred sir"
"Does it look like i give a damn"
just watched casino royale in HD and i love how they make fun of the previous james bond films.

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ITXMarkGray said...

So I was out for a run in the Bluffs last night...I get home and say to my wife, "I think someone was riding a cross bike in the Bluffs." About an hour later I read your blog and almost fell over laughing. Just call me wife says I need help. lol