Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here We Go

So I must admit I’ve been slacking this week with the updates. Other than posting a pic below. I have decided not to retire as it turns out.

The week has gone well leading into tommorow (Sunday 19) Paris To Ancaster. Tuesday I headed out a little early to get a few extra miles in before meeting up for the Tuesday night ride. The ride went well with the best turnout of the year. While spinning home with another local rider, Granola, as he is called sometimes, I still don’t know why. He informed me that he reads this blog, after a while I always think I’m just ranting to myself.

Wednesday morning I was awoken by the Easter bunny dressed in a purolator uniform. After a solid breakfast I got to work setting up the new Norco CCX 1 Cross bike. It was pretty much built all I had to do was some sizing stuff. It’s the same geometry as my CCX im riding now on the road so it made it a simple setup. I also got a large part of my clothing too as well as a Faze 1 demo to ride until my race bike is totally ready. But I left that for another day to get ready. I headed out on the Cross bike through some trails and onto the Oro rail trail for a couple hours. I stopped in at the Trek store to hear the local gossip, its pretty much the equivalent to a cyclists coffee shop.

Thursday morning I had to bring the Mazda in for its annual service and to get the snow tires switched off, I figure im pretty safe now. While waiting for the car I walked up to Tim Hortons, and was pleasantly surprised to see they are now serving hot apple cider. Which other than being a little pricey compared to hot chocolate or coffee. It was a little on the sweet side. But it wasn’t half bad, and it gives me a good reason to actually go to Timmy’s now.

Thursday night I headed down for the Thursday night training ride, which was pretty solid, not a huge turnout out, but we had some fun trying to rip each others legs off. Which included a sign sprint into Oro-station which was deemed unofficial due to the fact the town sign is now gone. We finished with the classic finish in ridge road where I really made myself hurt and set a new PB over 30 sec, along with a new max wattage, so it was a productive ride. The highlight of the night was riding along(a quiet road with no cars in sight), and giving a little wave to another cyclist going the other way, only to have him yell at us to ride single file, I thought easy to say when your riding by yourself.

After getting the Faze ready on Thursday I headed down to Coulson hill for a mtb ride. The trails have been cleaned up quite a bit with most of the downed trees falling victim to a chainsaw. The trails were pretty busy with a high school class riding around as well as a trail build going on. The bike rode awesome, I think I had a smile on my face the entire time. Probably the most comfortable, funnest bike I’ve ever ridden off road. As I headed back towards my car to switch bottles I came flying out of a single track section onto a fireroad to see a new hyundai parked sideways across the trail. I came pretty close to smoking the car, as I got my speed in check I looked up to see a couple photographers looking at me. It appeard I came across a little photo shot, (no our lady peace by anymeans) actually it looked kinda like a low budget shoot. I could tell the guy was pretty freaked out by how close I came to hitting the car, while the girl just laughed it off. I finished off with riding the new piece of trail which is nice, it just needs to be ridden in.

Today after switching some parts around on the new cross bike to get it ready for tomorrow. Like putting on a full size crankset, with a 38/48 and a wider range 11-26 cassette. I headed out on it to give it one last shakedown ride to make sure everything was nice and tight and ready to go. I’m pretty happy with the setup especially with the Kenda Small block 8 cross tires. They hold nicely on a mix of terrain but also corner like a road tire on pavement, I think they’ll be perfect for tomorrow.

I’m happy to be finally racing tomorrow, I look forward to this race mostly cause its one of the only races in a year where we don’t just chase each other around in circles. After two years of technical difficulties I’m hoping to just have a clean race.

Film Review: In Bruges, not bad a little off beat, the highlight is Colin Ferral actually pulling off a comedic part. I used to think he was a pretty one-dimensional actor, or at least his choice of roles, but he pulls off funny pretty good. Its his first real departure from his typical roles. (expect for Miami Vice, he rocked that movie)

Stayed tuned for a full race report tomorrow or Monday evening.

"I’d like to write some of the wicked lines form In Bruges but I don’t want to offend anyone"

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