Sunday, April 26, 2009

getting there

So Saturday was a day filled with dialing in the race bike, pre-riding and catching up with fellow racers after a long off season. The weather was awesome, almost a little too awesome. It was only about 24-25 ish but it felt like over 30 to me. My legs were not responding well so i was looking forward to the cooler more seasonal temperatures on race day. After arriving home i got cleaned up and did most of my packing and prep before sitting down to watch Mickey Rourke's big comeback movie "The Wrestler" full review will be at the bottom.

I got a good nights sleep and woke up with lots of time to do a little spin on the rollers to get the blood moving. I had my typical slow cook oats and coffee for breakfast. I headed to the race venue, mainsfield outdoor center, at around 11:00. While driving over my temperature gauge was reading 4 degrees and it started absolutly pouring rain. At least i didn't have to worry about the heat. By the time I arrived the rain had stopped and it was mostly just cool. I chilled at the Norco trailer for a while, in the mean time kevin double checked my bike and applied his secret chain lube.

I got dressed (warmly) and headed out with Spak for a little warmup. I think the temperture climbed a little as i was pretty comfortable when i finished and headed to the start line. Where i took off my jacket and knee warmers. The start was next to insane, i got slightly boxed out and found myself on the wrong wheel losing even more ground. I hit the single track hovering just outside of the top ten. I knew i wanted to start conservativley but that was a little further back than i wanted. Pretty early on the knew my legs were feeling better and responding better to accelerations. I had to burn a couple matches on the first lap to make my way back to the front group that had formed.

Heading out to the second lap i was latched firmly onto u23 rider Mike Mitchnick. In 6th place. At the front was another u23 rider Cam "the Jet" who was driving the pace pretty good up the first climb of the lap. The group gapped me a little but by the time we hit the first singletrack section i was back on. The pace was pretty unsteady with lots of attacking the climbs. It was exactly what i need to work on, so pushed a little harder in some sections than i would have on my own.

Heading out on lap three Cam was still on the front driving it, about halfway through the lap there are three short punchy singletack climbs that were starting to wear me down. The group gaped me again, and before i could get back up i looked up and Cam was on the ground. Not sure what happened but he hit hard. Which was too bad as he was riding super strong and had a good shot at the win.

I held on for the 4th lap, but by the end i could feel my legs starting to give. Heading on to the fifth i lost contact with the group of 4 now and settled into my own rythem for the last lap. When i hit the second of the three punchy climbs my legs really started to shut down,but not before Cam came roaring back past me. When i hit the top of the final pitch i knew i had a small amount of energy left. Luckily it was mostly rolling to the finish. I was pretty sure i could hold on to my 6th, but yet another u23 rider Jon Kinsie came past me. I was just able to stay on my bike for the finish.

I was fairly delirious so i forwent the cooldown for a nice comfy chair at the trailer. I cooled off fast and got into some dry clean clothes and got some good recovery food in me. I have to thank Kevin who had everything set for this weekend, Jon Hughes for his support around the trailer and on the course.

When i got home and unloaded i got back into a chamois to spin to blockbuster to return the movie, i needed to get a spin in so two birds one stone theory.

now just sitting with Starbuck, watching some bad sunday night television.

ok now the the review, A great film. Not quite what i expected but still good. Prepare for a depression film overall though. Rourke is this film, he nailed the role and did some very impressive things in the ring that surprised me. Tomei also added a lot the film. Basically it starts out very depressing, gets happy in the middle but then ends on a low note for sure.

Up next a little recovery ride tomorow, then the infamous monday night single speed night ride later in the evening. Really today was just a warmup for it.

"A little less"

"a little more"

"a little less"

"a little more"

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