Tuesday, April 28, 2009

getting squared away,

So with the rain hitting hard this a.m. and my floor invisible under all the clothes i had laid out for varying weather conditions on the weekend, i decided it was a good time to get tidied up. The weather is going to clear this afternoon so ill head out on the tuesday nighter for a few hours later.

Before i get to that yesterday was a solid recovery spin day. In the A.M. after getting up early(by my standards) i spun down to the shop on my fixie to pick up a few little pieces to finish off the road bike assembly. While there i was able to catch up with other peoples races as i didn't see many people after the race. Something about me hiding in the Norco trailer. Its always fun to go down and try to get Jeremy to buy more bike parts. I also was able to double confirm the monday night ride was happening even though the weather was exactly co-operating. Riding home took a little longer than usual, into a headwind uphill the fixie was just rolling along.

I finished up the road bike, its a pretty sweet bike, a light alloy frame, full dura ace, with the nicest set of wheels i've ever ridden, some shallow carbon dura ace clinchers, (of course i had to weigh them). Its very stealth, all black with a white saddle, and bar tape. Im very much looking forward to riding it in the dundalk pursuit this sunday.

After a solid bbq steak dinner, i got packed and ready for the first monday night singlespeed night ride of the year. A tradition that started actually in January a couple years ago when it was over 10 degrees out and we said hey why not. The rules are simple, you must go to all lengths to secure a singlespeed for the ride, if that fails you must use a cross bike. Also if you are below the age of thirty the bicycle must be fully rigid. Then we head out and hammer until someone crashes really hard, and then we slow down. A solid group of 5 showed, and before the ride started i made the mistake of calling matts dog ,Molly, fat, she proceded to come over a lick my water bottle after licking her own rear end. not impressed.

The ride was good, we had a blast, in the past i was the limiting factor with a substandard light setup, basically the ride was as long as my light lasted. But i was able to secure a sick light and motion seca 700 lightset. ( now that i figured out how to link, this could be trouble) so i should be set for another 8 or 9 years of night riding before nuclear powered lights come out. Brendan's light was the first to go down, but we were pretty close to the cars. the night finished off with solving some of the worlds problems, including the auto industry, stock market, pc savings "high interest" accounts.

Now im just waiting for the dryer to finish before sitting down with a book maybe for a little while. Before preping for the tuesday night road worlds. its been rain/snowed out the past two weeks so hopefully theres a nice group.

oh i also was setup with a hit counter, that also tracks where people are reading this from. Matt says he gets 150 hits a day so of course i would like to challenge that. But apparantly someone from Nunavut is a reader so greetings. But don't worry it doesnt' give me your home address or anything like that just the town.

"Molly your getting fat"


Matt Spak said...

slurp slurp slurp.

Remember that no one drinks from the Molly Bottle and she loves sport drinks.

Kyle Douglas said...

hey buddy!!!