Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny, what easter bunny?

Its been a couple days, I hope all 10-15 of my devoted readers weren’t getting worried. Last I left I was just about to head out for a late ride on Thursday.
The ride went well, I got some good work in before meeting up with the training group ride, downtown. Which even with the nice weather only had an average turnout.

Friday, ……um I can’t remember, I need to check my files. Ah yes, a longish ride with a couple of long tempo "intervals" I use the term interval loosely. As they were longer than most people would consider intervals. The workout went very well. With both efforts finishing strong with rising wattage’s.

Saturday was a straight endurance ride, nothing very exciting just a solid ride. Sunday I woke up and went on a serious hunt for some Easter eggs. I was very disappointed when I didn’t find anything. I had to get out early to ride as the family was going to the Nottawasaga inn for brunch at 1. Yeah I know 1 oclock is actually lunch, I fought hard but lost that battle. I was able to get out with a small group for a little while before I turned back south. I had a nice tailwind so I used the opportunity to get some high rpm work in.
After a solid meal the family headed out for a little walk around the inn, the endless hours of riding in the cold wind really paid off as I seemed to be the most comfortable in the chilly weather.

Today I headed out for a short ride with some uphill threshold work. My powertap decided to go on the fritz so it was mostly feeling and hr, which was tough. After years of riding and working with power its hard to go back to pure feeling especially during the harder workouts.
So when I arrived home I headed to the Barrie City Zoo to pick up some new 357 batteries. My jaw almost dropped when I noticed that the price of the batteries has jumped 10%. I also picked up some riding food for the rest of the week.

I also got some race registrations out of the way, to ensure I was getting maximum bang for my buck with pre registration (which I seem to forget to do sometimes) I’m expecting a sizable delivery with a good portion of my gear for the year. There are a couple bits ands pieces to come in form various team sponsors, but I should be looking pretty stylish come the first MTB race of the season.

I plan to post links to all the team sponsors (once I figure out how)(Fry I need a lesson)
Film reviews.

Changeling, good, highly recommended, a little disturbing, don’t watch it with little kids they will never sleep again.

Quarantine: I wasn’t sure if It was a comedy, I found myself laughing a couple times before turning it off to go watch some paint dry. Avoid it unless you getting paid to watch it.

The weather looks nice for the next week with continued sun but with some warmer temperatures. Hopefully some warm southerly winds will come along and get rid of the snow in the forests before July, which would be nice.


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You can get 5, 357 batteries for $1 downtown at Dollarama. I get all my cycling related batteries there. The computer ones are 3 for a buck.