Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day of Rest

With some weather closing in and my legs needing some good TLC. I've taken today off to get some errands done around the house, and take the dog for a walk. Oh yeah i can't take her for a walk for another 2 months. Starbuck is healing up nicely but she is getting a little stir crazy.

Back to the past couple days. Monday i got down to coulson hill for another MTB ride in the slightly sub zero temperatures. It was a nice power workout on the singlespeed, not to mention a good cross workout jumping over all the fallen trees.

Yesterday the weather was very nice, i actually didn't get out to ride until later. I headed down to the Driver licensing office to renew my license, then over to the Health office to renew my health card which i haven't even had for two years (awesome way to spend some extra tax dollars) Which included the extra benefit of waiting for over an hour, for something that took about 2 minutes to do.

I headed downtown to meet up with the tuesday night ride. We headed out ridge road to maximize the actual ride time, a solid ride, where i seemed to be on the front for 98% of it. I spun home with Don, (who is selling a 56cm specialized tarmac, with 7800, if anyone is interested) i turned off and headed up mapleton which is always a great way to finish a ride.

It looks like the readership has increased from 9 people to 13, or people are just voting more than once in the poll. With only a couple hours remaining it looks like Awenda Backwards is going to take it. Still not sure which day it will be but i look forward to it. I thank you.

It looks like the sun is coming through.......maybe ill get out for a little spin. I haven't been outside on my fix gear yet.

"drawing a blank"

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