Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend update

This morning we picked up Starbuck after leaving her overnight for ACL surgery on her right leg. I wasn’t sure what to expect afterwards. She’s doing well resting comfortably but she looks like she got hit by a car. No micro surgery in this case, she has a very long incision right over her knee. And it looks even worse cause they had to shave her entire leg and hip. She keeps looking at me like she has no idea what the hell just happened, one day she’s jumping around chasing squirrels the next she can barely walk.

With the nice weather we had yesterday I was able to get out for my first outdoor ride since getting tendonitis in my knee. With a MTB cassette on my cross bike I was able to keep my cadence up even into the strong headwind, I stuck to the flatest route I could too. The knee feels good, though I may lay off any singlespeeding until late April. We lost a ton of snow here in the past couple days, and with no snow in the forecast the roads are in the best shape for March riding in years.

Ummmmm DVD film review- "Southland Tales". I hesitate to pass judgement on this film as I have no idea what happened in it. I watched it, I thought I understood what was happening but I got utterly lost at the end. From the same brain child who made Donnie Darko, it has a big cast including Justin Timberlake, The Rock, Buffy the vampire slayer, a blink and you’ll miss it Kevin Smith appearance and the best performance by Sean William Scott. Overall I think its another case of could have been great. It had some great moments but couldn’t keep any momentum up. It, like Donnie Darko, will be best viewed for a second time. But I’m not sure if I want to watch it a second time just to understand it better, as I don’t think it will change my opinion of the film. If you haven’t heard of it its probably a reason for that and you should take a cue from that. But you may just like it.


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Matt Spak said...

Hopefully Starbuck heals quickly. My sister had the same thing happen with her lab but he needed both legs done.

Ever notice how the pet and the master get the same injuries at the same time?