Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On a role

So, Monday was just an nice spin out into Essa and back, my legs felt a little heavy so i kept the rpm up. That evening i sat down to watch the worst show on television.

"24" i really hate this show, and i was given a final reason to stop watching it. Jack Bauer threw a flathead screwdriver right through a bad guys bulletproof vest form 10 feet away. Then pulled the screwdriver out and used it to start a pickup truck. So done with that show. seriously who comes up with that.

Yesterday i got out for a good tempo workout in the late morning, which went vary well with no ill effects to the knee, so im declaring it 99.9999999%.

Today was slightly busy with my future sister in law in town from teaching somewhere in the arctic. Which included a visit to the mall where i was entertained for 15 minutes by a mall security guard filing a complaint for someone parking in a "parent and small child" parking spot without having a small child. The people came out and drove off just as the police showed up. Then to shaws to pick up some fresh maple syrup while Terri took pictures of the sap buckets to show her students who don't believe maple syrup comes from trees. Finally reaching Theo's in orillia for lunch/dinner at 2:30, (i don't know what thats called)

Now im heading out for a run/powerwalk/jog.....something slightly faster than walking. After some nice double digit temperatures its going to cool off back to an average of about 5 for the next little, while. Which is fine by me, still beats the past few march's of below zero and snowing everyday.

Hoping to do ride either pretty river road, or big chute on the weekend, i can't really decide which. I may have to consult the 8 ball.......or you decide for me in the poll. A hilly escarpment ride, or a longer flatter/rolling ride.

"What are you gonna do about it? shine your flashlight in my eye"
Probably what the guy said to the mall security officer

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