Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, a couple days have passed since the last update. Lets see, Saturday i got a late start and didn't want to start a 6 hour ride after noon, so i opted to head down south through Beeton and back through Innisfil. A good solid ride, a little chilly here but by the time i got south a bit the sun was shining. On my way over to innisfil, i passed the coulson hill mtb trails, where i stuck my nose in and it looked pretty dry, i made a mental note of that.

So i know what your thinking, Andrew must have done the pretty river ride on sunday......well. No i didn't get it in Sunday either i had some family things to do and arrived home pretty late so a 6 hour ride wouldn't have been very good at night.

So with the Pretty river ride pushed back, on Monday i did some long tempo intervals. Which went very well, I again did them in Oro but i used as much good pavement as possible, but i still had to finish on Ridge road, where, my Norco Cross, is lets just say not the most forgiving ride over rough pavement. But i got er done and spun home.

Tuesday was a double, with some threshold intervals, which i did into a headwind at 23.5 km/hr. I felt so fast(not) They went well, and its all about the power not the speed so i was quite happy with that workout. Then I headed out to an evening ride with four other people, which was not easy, i averaged just under tempo wattage which for a group ride was pretty solid. It was only 90 minutes so i wasn't to concerned. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Tuesday nighters are going to be quick this year. With summer never actually arriving last year, a lot of riders did about half their usual miles, and the rides never really got up to speed so to speak. But with the amazing dry weather there are lots of people out getting there mid april miles in now, so it should be a solid tuesday nighter season. Back to world championship status i think.

Today, i packed up my singlespeed and drove to Coulson Hill to see what kind of a mtb ride i could get in. I have never seen the trails that dry at this time of year. 95% of the singletrack was bone dry, a couple low spots that were wet, the fireroads are in rough shape with lots of 4x4 and atv traffic making some nice ruts. The only downside was the amount of fallen, and uprooted tress. The inner trails seemed to be the worst, with the outer loops pretty decent. I was a happy camper.

And to "Scott" i could spend all day talking about my feelings regarding BSG. But ill simply say it was a great end to the series and really couldn't have ended any other way.

for other film reviews, i rented a copy of Citizen Kane, as it is supposedly the best movie ever made.(google it, im not making that up) other than catching a bunch of Simpsons jokes that make more sense now. I also figured out "rosebud" pretty early on, its actually pretty obvious if you think about it. I have no idea how its the best ever. It was a challenge to get through it and i wouldn't recomend it to anyone.

Up next a chill day tommorow, a couple easy hours to recover from the last few days of intensity(singlespeed riding at the 45degree angle of coulson hill counts). Then some bigger volume days for the weekend. Im hearing rumours of A(or THE) pancake ride, but we'll see what the weather does, anything 3 days out seems to change a lot.

"BSG, Like Blade Runner, with be better understood 20 years from now"
"Eddy" Olmos

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GenghisKhan said...

Hey. Just came across your blog doing the surfing thing. Besides getting tired just reading about all your riding, I realized that I think in one week you get more miles in than I do in a month! Okay, maybe two months! Anywho, it's good and inspirational to see folks getting out so much--thanks!

Peace and Happy Trails!